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now that is a bright yellow.  a little too much for the camera to handle.  that could be why yellows dominate when seen across the garden and other colors – even bright red – are visually over powered.  three images…



or is it forewishing ?  when this cross was made this was not the planned, guessed, or even wished turn.  one parent a lavender and the other a cream colored white.  and so this is the way it went.  fortunately the garden is my favorite location for foreguessing.  three images, the parents and two of the seedling…

Knight Templar x Freak Show ) X John Karl Seager sbs

12-009 10-021 Knight Templar x Freak Show ) X John Karl Seager det 12-009 10-021 Knight Templar x Freak Show ) X John Karl Seager  macro


another garden number

this one is making the cut too.  it did not get lost in the whirlwind we call summer.  i generally think of it as being a creamy white.  though many mornings it starts off a pale yellow.  the color changing trait is not really so rare.  it just that most days we tend to think this trait is a fault.  some days change is good.  i certainly does not hurt this bloom.  it is tall, the bloom is open and flowing and it might just be moving in the right direction genetically speaking for an even more open flowing seedling.  we will see what the next few summers bring.  for now this is 10-021 a cross of Knight Templar and Coburg Preview.

10-021 Knight Templar x Coburg Preview

mark another celebration for the gardener and the apprentice.  and make it two more blooms until spring.   someone please remind the snowflakes that their reign is fleeting….

Purple, purple, nearly white

Purple, purple, now nearly white.  Two posts of purple daylilies.  It is time for a change.   This is a very pale cream and yellow flower that most days fades to white.   It is a seedling that has taken on dominance of its part of the garden.  A cross of Knight Templar and Freak Show.   Taller than both parents and quite the attraction.

Watching and wondering how a seedling will unfold is one of my joys of the garden.  Each day can be a little different.  And for most plants it takes a couple of years until it grows into its own complete form.  Eventually each plant will grow into a clump of many plants and many many blooms.

In the garden this one stands about four feet tall and has a six to seven inch bloom.   It does not hurt that this one likes to set pods and pollen with other plants and gives lots of seeds.   And so the adventure will continue.