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Starman’s Voyage

just how many favorite flowers do i have.  for tonight the answer is one more.  a nice spidery lavender.  three images…


pale seedling

this is a lavender seedling.  a cross of Irish Lullaby and Katy’s Blue.  a mid to late season plant crossed with a mid season plant.  so far the seedling is blooming after Katy’s Blue, so it may be a mid to late season too.  we can make bloom season last longer.  two images

irish lullaby x katy's blue macro irish lullaby x katy's blue det

Twinkle twinkle

This is Starman’s Voyage.  A purple star shaped daylily.

It is 9 inches of lavender twinkle in the daylight.  Something to see in the garden.

new faces

The whole idea of seedlings is new faces.  Things you are not familiar with, things imagined and things imagined not.  All emotions are possible any morning that I walk into the seedling bed.  Surprise, wonder, awe, and confusion.

Sometimes they all come at once.

Today was no exception.  The first day for a new face.Now there are days to get to know one another.

Purple on Purple

Bloom seasons is still a ways off.   Daylily bloom season that is.  The traditional date up in these parts is the second week in July.  The last two years have needless to say been mostly un-traditional.  So your guess is as good as mine when it will start this year.

One I will be looking for sits in wait below.   It was a first year bloom in 2011.  And they tend to mature and change a bit the second year.  That is when they usually settle into a mature display.  Of course temperatures both day and night-time can also alter their appearance.  The color can shift from a red purple to a blue purple depending on the temps.

So I wonder what this one shall look like this season ?  Will the shades of purple undulate and pulse ?  Will the hints of lavender take over and dominate the stage ?

purple diploid daylily

Then again, any way it blooms I just might like it.