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it is a lawn.  it is not just grass.  and i like it that way.  we don’t use chemical additives.  and we really don’t bother fertilizing either.  mowing will control the lawn.  and we enjoy a blend of other plants.  so we do not panic at the sight of dandelions, violets, or clover.  and while it is not the first it is one it is a forerunner.  the season of little white and pink lawn flowers is upon us.  and the bees will be happy to find them.  and i will be happy to see the bees working the lawn.  it should be more than a path between the flower beds.

clover det clover macro

fuzzy macro

what do you see when you look at the bottom center of the picture ?   or are there things that my imagination has missed ?   the other parts are certainly fuzzy !

ground cover macro w eyes

since we are doing this with mystery and a bit backwards we will continue with the next picture and then get to the description.

ground cover det

i believe this is a ground cover that has escaped in to the lawn and is giving the grass a fair struggle for its space.


Tonight Pinky we take over the … LAWN !

Any gardener can tell you.  No not in words.  Instead by the inexorable progression of an ever expanding garden.  Lawn your days are numbered.  As Galadriel so aptly said “I will diminish, and go into the west..”  Except unlike Lady G, the lawn will not pass this test.  Slowly the green expanse will be reduced to a path which visitors may find a their way into the garden.   So begins the fourth age of the garden…  Please stop that bad paraphrasing Gandalf !

Perhaps there is one hope for salvation.  No it does not involve the one ring to command them all.  The solution is so much simpler.  The only hope of competition with the garden blooms.  Send a flock of small children with puff ball blossoms from dandelions.  Adorn the shrinking green with little disks of sunshine.

In the mean time as you drift off to sleep tonight repeat after me… Tonight Pinky we take over the lawn !

dandelion lawn