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root cause

i went into the garden with the intention to move some plants today.  i moved two.  one daylily.  and one old tree root.  i knew the tree root was there.  i just underestimated how stubborn the tree root was going to be.  now if the weather permits the rest of the moves should be easier.  and it was a good day to burn calories in the garden.  now back to that july day…



lime in the coconut

and the memory chip in the camera.  i do love the way the camera blithely sends images to nowhere.  fortunately i took pictures yesterday too.  the moving has commenced.  and the rain.  and the sunshine.  and the warm october days.  now about that jet fuel.  we are about three miles north of the airport.  it is not as bad as it used to be still when planes land and take off there are portions of the day where they fly right over the house.  and you would not think it not all of the jet fuel is burned.   and yes when they are flying low it does not get blown away by the wind.  it is not what i want in my organic garden.


change is what is supposed to happen in the garden.  not what is supposed to happen when you wake up ( again ) and see the wordpress excitement about a new editor.  oh good did they put new words in the dictionary too ! ? !   no i was more hoping for that word inspiration thing.  of course change in the garden would be what happened today.  some holes were dug.  and some plants were pulled out of those holes.  and then the holes were improved.  dig down into the clay and break it up.  add some peat moss.   add some alphalpha.  no rum or coconut.  still mix it all up.  add some compost and some fertilizer.  organic.  mix it all up some more.  go dig a hole in the seedling bed and pull the seedling out of the bed.  bring the seedling to the new hole and plant it.  try not to mix it all up.  bring the name tag so it is not mixed all up.  and repeat till it rains.  wait a bit and repeat some more.  try not to mud it all up too much.  now some pictures from back in july…  oh i forgot close up the holes quickly before too much jet fuel drifts into the hole…  (answer tomorrow)…

14-109 Dark Counterpoint x Scandinavia



it would be tempting to step into the wayback machine and visit a day this past summer.  however these pictures are nearly as good.  and there are seeds to collect and a garden to plant for a summer to come.  and both of those choices are not on the same platter.

14-021 Dark Counterpoint x Purple Satellite

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker


it is early relatively speaking.  early morning.  very.  and i am awake.  should hurry and post these pictures i have found.  now where did the guy with the inspiring words sneak off to ?  probably out looking at stars for inspiration.  of course around here whenever i want to look at things astronomical the eire cloud generator seems to get in the way.  please enjoy the flowers for a moment whilst i look for the guy with those inspirational words…

14-117 10-051 WTP x Asterisk) x 11-081 WTP x (SS x Talon x rfk

14-151 12-0705-011 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern) x Skin Walker


some nights the term is used loosely.  almost awake would be better.  sleep hides behind every blink.  and behind any pause in the prose.  the flowers cope with spontaneity much better than a wanting to sleep mind.  and as much as i am ready for sleep the garden on this day back on the 2nd of july was ready for anything except sleep.

11-0727-D Smoke Scream x breath of blue air x mascara snake) x Smoke Scream

Godzilla’s Winsome Atomic Smile

thunking thursday

thunking would be another word for think.  probably the non thinking tense.  and the spell checker is going to have a digital breakdown.  is that enough of a lead in to say don’t try to out-thunk yourself explaining the flowers ?   this would be a great point to skip dragging mona lisa into this ramble.  now about those flowers…