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yes the first and only daylily to bloom this year is on its forth or fifth bloom. there is even another plant threatening to take away its only claim. eventually. maybe even tomorrow. until then some other flowers. and the current champ. we will start with what might be the door to the garden. it does have flowers around it. after two or three days if a bird or butterfly passes by and blinks we have less poppy and red snow on the garden path. two rows of seeds have been planted. the white labels are from old window blinds and mark the start of a new seed cross. except for the ones up front. they are crosses for very short plants. they might only grow 8 or 10 inches 20.3 or 25.4 cm high. the taller seedling would shade them out. so they are planted across the front of the bed. and lastly there is the current title holder. hopefully about to become an also ran amongst a large large host of competitors.


choose a block

don’t chews a block. it is bad for the keyboard. it leave chunky stuff all over. two rows of seeds got planted today. then other schedules happened. there are some pictures… in the car. the dog ate my homework and the car ate my pictures. now it is late and there were no new daylilies blooming. none. there was pink, purple, and white larkspur. and yes the images are in the car. bad car. good old pictures from last summer. old daylily pictures are good. watch out for bad cars.


what it was only cloudy ? ! ? and no rain. i was able to gently fill in and level the turned over seedling bed. somehow i think planting will be like planting spring peas. poke a hole and mush the mud over the top. and balancing over a board to plant the middle of the bed. now who doesn’t like playing in the mud ! there are no daylilies blooming today. there are carnation poppy, columbine, and larkspur… oh and the grounds crew is hard at work munching on the lawn and the extra larkspur.

larkspur, carnation poppy, daylily seeds

the trickle that proceeds the bloom has started. the larkspur self seed throughout the garden. we thin them down to a fraction or there would be nothing else. and still they cannot be missed. spikes of color everywhere in the garden. the carnation poppy are about to burst into bloom. grey sculptured leaves reach for the sky. and they are topped by buds that hang upside down until they are ready to open. from what i can find the carnation poppy is closely related to the opium poppy. the main differences being the double flower form and the lack of the opium production. the last few days have been spent preparing the seedling beds. last year’s seedling crop was sparse and the plants were consolidated in a single bed. the oldest seedling bed was cleared of plants. then the edges of the bed were dug to remove the worst of the tree roots that creep into the them. the beds are prepared using shovels, a grape hoe, and rakes. between the heavy clay soil, the tree roots, and the small bed size a rototiller makes no sense. and the digging is good exercise. if the rain ever pauses for more that a day or two they just might get planted.

what is first ?

do you want some sun with that rain ? or do you want some illumination with your precipitation ? we had it all today. several times. we got flash flood warnings. we got to drive by a few houses where the cars were parked on the street side of the creek and the occupants had the option of walking around the creek to get to the house. now more flowers from last summer…

pitter patter

today was a pitter patter drizzly day. except for those moments of intense down pour. the ones when you stop digging and making mud pies and head for shelter. occasionally a moment of blue or two would peek through the clouds only to be swallowed up again by clouds. grey. it is a good thing there was a bunch of pictures the day before. muddy fingers are no good for cameras. astilbe, carnation poppy without the big red flower, with larkspur and yarrow. siberian iris, wisteria, and yellow and brown iris. all growing as happy as a kid playing in the mud.

let the words rest

the words can be minimized. like silence vision can quietly dominate the conversation.