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or almost

do i want sunny days ? or almost ? on a sunny day the flowers can loose some of their colors photographically. the glare will get in the way of the flower. or if i am waiting for the magic hour of perfect light some of the flowers will only be partly open. or if i am counting on clouds i will only be able to take a handful of pictures. on an overcast day i can take lots of pictures. it is just that the flowers will not glow. i can have flowers i just can’t have pictures of all of them. or i can’t have cake and eat it too… then again the hot sun makes the chilled adult beverages beverages taste better… now where was i…


does shadow go with light ? or light with shadow ? is it light that allows us to see ? or shadow that allows us to see in light ? you decide…

too much too little

light like everything else can be too much or too little.  too little and many things are lost in shadow and cannot be seen.  similarly too much and they get lost in the glare.  and then there is that happy middle ground where the lighting brings the truth of the image.

11-026 Thais x Cameroons

11-037 Talon x Smoke Scream) x Gail Braunstein

11-037 Talon x Smoke Scream) x Gail Braunstein

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle


and gardens in the light.  i am tempted to say different light.  and realize it can be how things are seen in the same light.  of course the light changes between sunny and cloudy.  and between dusk, dawn, and full noon.  and it also changes in our eyes and in the devices we use.  the first two images are moments apart.   no photo shop is involved.  i suspect the close up image was changed to close up settings.  no other changes on the camera adjustments.  the difference in the color intensity is obvious.  i suspect that similar differences occur all day long as pictures are taken.  and that i just miss those subtleties.  seven images, the last rolling into another day in the summer garden…

14-076 11-012 Highland Pinched Fingers x Flower Shop) x SH B110 Tet Skinwalker) x (11-013 Highland Pinched Fingers x Raspberry Sickle) x SH B-110 Tet Skinwalker

14-100 Morgan’s Melody x Poultry In Motion

14-002 13-0702-003 LR x Tal X SRF) x 13-0702-002 LR x Tal x SRF

14-000 srf kid

the play

it just might be that nature, the flower, the light, and the shadows are at play here.  three images…


often in the garden it is sway between light and shadow.  drifting one way and then the other.  subtle influences tilting one way and then the other.  reflecting the changes in other aspects of our lives.  making it mostly impossible to write merely about the garden.  and making it more impossible to understand the influences in other places.  three images…

13-073-B Bagnana x She Who Must Be Obeyed


step to the right.  this one had me a bit puzzled until i checked a few other pictures.  it must be Ouachita Beauty.  sprinkled with light and shadow.  one defines the other, they work well together.  three images…

ouachita-beauty-img_1915-macro2 ouachita-beauty-img_1915-macro ouachita-beauty-img_1915-grdn

bloom in the sun

too much sunlight can sometimes wash out the picture you are trying to share.  pictures are about sharing.  of course pictures without sunlight are not much good either.  so it is about finding that happy medium for the picture.  this flower is in the sun.  a bright sun.  and the sun is giving more to the picture than it takes away.  the generally muted colors of the flower help.  and i will not try to make out that i know all of the elements of light and composition.  i will just say that the light helps tell the story of this flower.  another light another flower and the story might not come out as well.  five images…

gift tie x prague spring IMG_2711 macro_2 gift tie x prague spring IMG_2711 macro_1 gift tie x prague spring IMG_2711 det 2 gift tie x prague spring IMG_2709 det gift tie x prague spring IMG_2709 grdn


this is an early morning image in the garden.  the sunlight is just beginning to glow on the flower.  the flower is Bagana.  soon the sunlight will overpower the flower.  at least in terms of allowing the camera to be able to capture the image.   just not quite yet.  three images…

bagana grdn IMG_3830

bagana det IMG_3830 bagana macro IMG_3830