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lilies and daylilies

Similar yet different, yes they are.   It will make no difference if you think or talk like Yoda these things to understand.   And no matter what a gardener this one can be.  That was a Jedi joke if you are not paying attention.  Lilies or Lilium have a bulb, a central stem from which the leaves and flowers grow ( lilium plant diagram ).   Daylilies or Hemerocalis have a crown, a growth point between the leaves and roots.   Leaves grow in fans without a stem, flowers grow on their own scape (stem)  without leaves ( hemerocalis plant diagram ).   There are a few lilies here in the daylily garden.   And these are starting to color up for bloom.  Lily flowers once open will last for several days.

lilium bud det

This daylily is almost as far along in getting ready to bloom.  The green is fading and the white color of the flower is starting to show.  Daylily flowers once open will last one day.  At the end of the bloom day the flower rapidly degrades.   And so the name day lily.

hemer bud det

There will be a quiz tomorrow.  It just won’t have anything to do with today’s post.  ( hint think Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy )