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early this morning we had some awesome thunder boomers.  and a lot of rain.  the reflecting pool behind the bill’s garage attests to this.  so many flowers looked like they were ridden hard and put away wet.  bruised and faded too.  depending on when they opened – before or after the thunder boomers – and how water resistant the petals are some looked wet, some looked tattered and faded and some looked somewhere in between.  and some of the late openers yawned and asked the other guys what happened ?  two images, Lullaby of Birdland

lullaby of birdland macro rain lullaby of birdland det rain


there are a couple of lullabies growing here in the garden.  this one is apparently named for an old jazz standard.  Lullaby of Birdland the daylily stands 48 in 122 cm tall and has an 8 in 20.5 cm bloom.  and for the fans of skinny flowers it is a spider.  it is a dark imposing flower with a green throat.  it is a cross of  Art Gallery Quilling × Royal Celebration.   it stands 18 inches taller than either parent.  and this summer there were some seeds made with this flower.  perhaps in time i will become more familiar with the music.  one quick listen is not enough.  until then the flower will serve as a reminder.   two images   enjoy

lullaby of birdland det

lullaby of birdland macro


formerly crested…

Aren’t you glad I didn’t say cristate !  Cristate or crested it adds a zing that was not there.  No plain Jane – we are crested !

Crested is extra tissue growing on the petal.  Usually from the midrib.

Some plants crest without warning and on their own schedule.  Others do it all of the time.  Here are a few that like to surprise.

And on their own terms.  Two out of three petals suits this one just fine.

While the next one is more uniform, at least in terms of there being a crest on each petal.There will be no quiz tomorrow.  Unless “will there be more daylily pictures?” counts as a quiz.