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no guacamole

i might just sleep tonight instead of toss and turn.  and dream of carnation poppies and a daylily or two.  the carnation poppies bloom for a day or two.  and when they are ready to be done, when a butterfly lands on a flower at the other end of the garden, when the slightest of breeze thinks about beginning well the petals drop like red snow.







less and more

daylilies are subject to change.  or spontaneity.  or maybe whim is the better word.  most days you get same same.  some days less.  and some days more.  these two plants did the less and more today.  the lighter one had half a petal.  it kinda folded the other part into the midrib.  the darker flower had three blooms today.  and each bloom had a little extra tissue.  mostly it was extra tissue growing right up the stamen and looking like an extra petal.  giving the flowers  a total of 7 petals instead of the usual 6.  one of them had a tiny flag of tissue growing right at the tip of the stamen.  you can see the pollen capsule in the first extra petal.  and only 5 stamen in each of the flowers.  and tomorrow it will be like nothing unusual happened.  everything will be perfectly normal.  no radiation.  no disease.  just whim.

a little the same

and so summer unfolds.  each year it is a little the same.  and each year it is a little different.  some plants arrive on schedule and bloom at their appointed time and size.  and each year some plants do something a little different.  shorter, taller, bigger, and smaller they change the game.  and some plants get crowded by their neighbors and bloom not at all, dwindling waiting to be rescued.  the lates are coming into bloom now.  some are just sending up flower scapes.  and the rhythm of summer is maintained.



it is obvious that someone is being held against their will on an extraterrestrial spaceship.  what no daylily ! ? !   spring flowers, spring flowers, and more spring flowers !  and an old time daffodil with green and yellow petals.  quick get out the said-a-gives !  six images…

hiring gandalf

i wonder if it is possible to hire gandalf to stand on the bridge of springtime and holler at winter – you shall not pass !  at this point it might be worth a try.  six images…

Malmaison Plum