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i only

gamble in the garden.  i looked up Mandalay Bay expecting to find a location in the caribbean !  instead i fell into the bay and came out all wet.  it is in the middle of the desert in las vegas.  it is a flower named after a casino.  which all in all is okay.  simply put the flower is opulent.  no doubt this mimics the resort.  back to the flower.  four images…


a different light

actually i think it should be a different light and a different camera.  tonight’s flower is Mandalay Bay Music.  I posted a picture of this back in April of 2013, so it was the old camera.  so the image quality is different.  different for i think several reasons.  some of those reasons are beyond the camera.  the flower is a very pale pink.  the new image and the light in that shot allow that pale pink to come through clearly.  two images

mandalay bay det mandalay bay macro



Is there an app for that ?

I know people often talk to the plants in their garden.  I guess that would explain why the neighbors wander off in seemingly safer directions when I am out in the garden.  Talking to plants is one thing.  Talking to pictures of plants is another.   “Did I blog about you lately ?”   Suddenly I sense a great quiet in the force.  Like 2 or 3 readers said “whoa !  time to bug out of here ! ”   Now to drift back to the question, so far no pictures have answered no matter how coy or convincing the presentation.  And search engines sometimes give an answer clear as mud, wonderful tags are little help.  So here with unresponsive images, and perhaps more than a few binary giggles emanating from the folder.  They must have inherited their sense of humor from their biological images.   What comes next, totally random selection ?  Perhaps something not posted in the last two weeks ?   This should be a fairly safe choice since pretty as it is this one is ruffled and round.  And I am more quickly drawn to the skinny star shapes, twisted or straight.   Mandalay Bay Music

mandalay bay music

Well at least it passed the two week rule.  Is it possible to survive without apps ?