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let the columbine grow wild.  after a few generations the long spurred columbines are replaced.  and they do what they want to do.  this one is kind of white with a blush around the edges and decidedly double.  the daylily is Mildred Mitchell.  four images…



freckles ?

funny what gets overlooked.  i am guessing the freckles have always been there.  and that i am just slow to notice.  and given this presentation i just might overlook them again.  Mildred Mitchell, try not to let the freckles distract you …  three images

mildred mitchel clump

mildred mitchel macro mildred mitchel det




Ruffles and Eyes

This is not a skinny star shaped daylily.  This one is full bodied with wide petals and it comes with contrasting colors on its edge and a big eye.   The edge is a multicolored saw tooth edge with some ruffles thrown in to keep things moving.Daylily Mildred Mitchell

This is Mildred Mitchell.    Normally this has three petals and three sepals.  This one has an extra set – so it is a poly.   It does not do this often, so it is a nice surprise.