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a little moon light

and less words.  opening image in the AM.  carnation poppy and afternoon fully open moon glow from Moonlit Masquerade.  five images…

moonlit masquarde img 7768 det carnation popy IMG_7773 grdncarnation poppy IMG_7776 macromoonlit masquerade IMG_7796 detmoonlit masquerade IMG_7797 grdnmoonlit masquarde img 7797 macro

out of the moonlight

a seedling out of a cross seedling (garden name – Little Rainbow’s big sister ) x Moonlit Masquerade.   and this is a picture of the seedling or another seedling from the same cross.   a different day, the next seedling in the row, or even a picture of the same plant later in the day can sometimes look different.    all of these possibilities are just as likely as the other.  what ever the case it is a slightly different look.  i guess i have enough problems looking at it in the daylight… three images.   the first is the two images of the cross side by side.  interesting to compare and still no clue if it is a sibling or the same plant on a different day.   and i will try not to come back to it again in two more months.

12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade sib sbs

12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade det 002 12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade  macro 002


red eyed seedling

this is a seedling with a big red eye zone.  the cross is a seedling referred to as little rainbow’s big sister x Moonlit Masquerade.  i like the eye zone.  and the flower looks like one that might cooperate with a cross to try for longer and maybe skinnier petals.  now i just need to see if time and space agree with these hopes.  there are already plenty of seedlings flagged for this year’s move.  the one thing in this seedling’s favor is it is a tetraploid and there are not too many of those on the list.  that might help it get on the list.  two images

12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade det 12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade macro

more from the surprise

this is another of the daylilies unexpectedly found at the garden we visited.  the daylily is called Yum Yum Plum.  i find the name itself quite nifty and whimsical.  the fact that it is a cross involving Paper Butterfly adds a bit of knowledge to the story.  and it gives me a bit of background to consider in my thoughts to cross it with Moonlit Masquerade.  And if i want to find out a little more i can look up the history of Right On the other parent of Yum Yum Plum.  it slowly becomes a garden puzzle of the mind.  each little bit adds a dimension to the plant you are dreaming to bring together.  the farther back the history of parents and grand parents can be traced the more clues are added to the picture.  and for now enough of dreaming and time for a picture or two.  Yum Yum Plum…  enjoy

yum yum plum OBX NC macro yum yum plum OBX NC det

a rainy morning

this is Moonlit Masquerade on a rainy morning.  it is a flower that was one of the first to bloom last year ( and this year ) and it was among the last to finish blooming.  yes – it rebloomed through the summer.   perhaps this deserves further investigation and a few crosses.  it is also parent to another flower here in the garden… Wild Horses.   the translation to a madcap gardener, this one can be crossed to something skinny and spidery.    skinny and rebloom together…. just could happen and if i work at it, it might just happen here.  three images

midnigth masquerade macro2 midnigth masquerade macro midnigth masquerade

wandering in the garden

or i should say wandering in last year’s garden folders.  these two are a couple of the first to bloom last year.   one is a seedling out of one of the early bloomers.  Stella’s Ruffled Fingers has been one of the first to bloom here for the last 5 or 6 years.  so it is no surprise that this little yellow flower from Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella’s Ruffled Fingers keeps doing the same.  The other one Moonlit Masquerade was one of the first to bloom and among the last to finish.  We will see what happen’s this year.  i do not recall it being such a rebloomer in the past.  however i certainly not complain if it does a repeat performance.  and yes this flower wears a dark mask… enjoy.  i thought i thaw a flower…

stellas ruffled fingers x little rainbow x talon

Moonlit Masquerade det petaloid

More of the things daylilies do

There is a daylily named Shape Shifter, it is one I actually have.  However shape shifter also describes one of the habits of  daylilies.  The don’t do it all the time, and they don’t necessarily do it often, yet they do it sometimes.  In this case it happens to be this change, the stalk for the stamen ends up attached to the petal half way up the petal body.  From half way up it again becomes free of the petal.  Two of the three petals do this.  The third stamen is attached to the petal all the way to the pollen body.  This type of growth is often seen in daylilies that are doubles.  Normally daylily stamens have a stalk that runs from the base of the flower and is free of and unattached to other parts of the flower.  Moonlit Masquerade is not a double flower.  Today it is just another shape shifter daylily.

MM engaged stamens det


This is a close up of the stamens.

close up mm engaged stamen

The season unfolds

The seeds are sorted.  In the envelopes at least.  Now to open the prizes and put them in the dirt.  Each step has its share of surprises.  Missteps and miscues that cause things to be set aside.  Crosses that were mismarked or don’t agree with the notes.  Seed pods that are empty or otherwise unusable.  Seeds that shrivel in the envelope or that were never added to the sorting and the list goes on.  The other night the seed envelopes and the sorting list were resolved.  There were changes to both.  Soon the seeds will go into their natural element and this storage maneuver will come to an end.  When the rain lets up that is.

seeds 2013 det_ed

Mean while Moonlit Masquerade very much likes the idea of blooming and so far has refused to take a day off.

moonlit masquerade sbs

through the darkness and the rain

hmmm could I be making the transition over to mystery novels ?  Started to write this last night, just barely started that is.  Lightning started flashing immediately and since the battery is suffering from assault ( constant re-charging ) and (no longer is a ) battery, the option of an un-plugged quick post was not there.   So here I am this morning.  The storm has wound down to a drizzle.  And it is now official.  Bloom season has started here in this garden.  Glimpses of the neighborhood Stella de Oro not withstanding we have an actual bloom here in the garden.  Moonlit Masquerade, the same bud compared to the lilies close to a week ago has come around to being a bud no more.  A blossom this one is.  Not the most graceful of blossoms on this drizzly morning.  Still the mystery is solved, bloom season is started now !  And Moonlit Masquerade done it.  The butler is officially off the suspect list.  hmmm he still looks suspicious……

moonlit masquerade det


And this is how Moonlit Masquerade finished the day, still not quite open all the way.

moonlit masquerade det pm

After a Moonlit Masquerade

What comes after a Moonlit Masquerade ?  Many things can come of a masquerade, moonlit or not.   However in this case Wild Horses would be one of the acceptable answers.  Keep in mind it was a seven year wait.  Moonlit Masquerade was introduced in 1993.    Wild Horses did not debut until 1999.

They are both here in the garden.   On screen the flowers may look very similar.  In the garden their differences are more obvious.  Moonlit Masquerade is 26 inches high and has a 5.5 inch bloom.   Wild Horses is a full foot higher at 37 inches and has a 7 inch bloom.

So the answer is no, Wild Horses is not trying to look just like its parent.  In the garden it is easy to see that Wild Horses is a longer and leaner petaled flower.

Both are pretty and I expect both to stay here in the garden for quite a while.