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this is an early morning image in the garden.  the sunlight is just beginning to glow on the flower.  the flower is Bagana.  soon the sunlight will overpower the flower.  at least in terms of allowing the camera to be able to capture the image.   just not quite yet.  three images…

bagana grdn IMG_3830

bagana det IMG_3830 bagana macro IMG_3830


No Instructions Included

This is a daylily seedling.   Sometimes you think you know where it came from and what it might do when it grows up.  Sometimes there is a little marker that says who the parents are.  And who Prince Charming is supposed to be.

Then there are days when there are few clues.  No neat little signs or notes.  Just a seedling standing on its own.  Those are the days when you don’t have a clue how Cinderella cruised into the party.  Or what became of the pumpkin or the mice.   Then you just need to look for that glass slipper and figure out what kind of adventure you and Cinderellie might have in the garden.

unknown seedling

Better yet – pitch the glass slipper.  Don’t listen to the fairy godmother that says the magic ends at midnight.  There is plenty of magic and surprises each day when the sun comes up.