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first last

the orange flower is the first bloom for that plant.  it just started today.  it will most likely be the last daylily plant to start blooming this year.  unless another plant sneaks in as last.  the other one is a seedling that started blooming about 3 days ago.  so it is another first last.  possibly.  then again the daylilies have no care for the when of bloom.  they only want to bloom.

16-061 12-072 Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol ) x Peepin’ and Hidin’



this is a large bloom.  it is in the 8 inch 20.3 cm size range.  more than a handful.  it started blooming very recently.  so while there is not too much more that is starting to bloom, i will have enough to keep me occupied.  and so far this one is willing to set some seed pods.  then again that is a whole other discussion.

a little alchemy

there is time for a few more crosses.  whether or not there is room for a few more seeds is a much more serious question that will be answered next spring.  back to the cross question.  the seedling is a mostly white flower.  it is parentage involves two generations of purple flowers crossed into a whitish flower where the white overpowers the purple.  will it happen again if these two are combined ?  predicting what the genetics will do is a bit like alchemy.  there is still too much unknown.  the only way to find out is to try.  and in the trying is all the fun.

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream

around the garden

fused – when parts of a plant that are usually separate grow together.  like this bloom that is three blooms fused together.  is the garden fighting the decline as bloom season slows ?  two patterned flowers are still blooming.  and the green tags from flower crosses are starting to be more noticeable than the flowers.


and a daylily.  a slight change of pace.  especially since the season begins to change the pace out from under us.

less and more

daylilies are subject to change.  or spontaneity.  or maybe whim is the better word.  most days you get same same.  some days less.  and some days more.  these two plants did the less and more today.  the lighter one had half a petal.  it kinda folded the other part into the midrib.  the darker flower had three blooms today.  and each bloom had a little extra tissue.  mostly it was extra tissue growing right up the stamen and looking like an extra petal.  giving the flowers  a total of 7 petals instead of the usual 6.  one of them had a tiny flag of tissue growing right at the tip of the stamen.  you can see the pollen capsule in the first extra petal.  and only 5 stamen in each of the flowers.  and tomorrow it will be like nothing unusual happened.  everything will be perfectly normal.  no radiation.  no disease.  just whim.

two seeds

that would be okay if they went in two places.  two seeds in the same place ?  sure !  why not ?   both of them are two small.  they might not grow.  and they might grow in the same place.  both of these seedlings has a second seed planted in the same place.  eventually i might want to separate them.  then it becomes a problem…

14-077-B Pinched Tet

14-153 12-0729-002 ? X Capulina

14-153 12-0729-002 ? X Capulina