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a volcano name.  Nyiragongo could be glowing lava.  at least when the light is right it could be.  take your imagination into the garden.  four images…

Nyiragongo IMG_3397 grdn Nyiragongo img 3397 det Nyiragongo img 3228 macro_2 Nyiragongo img 3228 macro_1


the fire in the sky meet the fire in the earth via a metaphorical intermediary.  Nyiragongo – named for a volcano located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  and on the morning of this picture the fire came together in the flower.  two images

nyiragongo det


nyiragongo macro

red and black

this is a dark seedling.  two dark flowers brought together.   Dark Counterpoint crossed with Nyiragongo.  one named for darkness and one named for a molten volcano.  the result in this case is more darkness.  first the seedling and then parents

sf 11-067 Bark At Me x Black Plush) x Nyragongo det

nyriagongo dark counterpoint sbs

it is dark i guess i will come in now…

It was a fun afternoon.  Got to show another gardener around the daylilies.  And afterwards to play with the pollen.   Then this darkness thing started.  It is a good thing the pollen kind a glows on the tip of the pistol.  Well just enough to see until it gets really dark.  I think the mosquitoes enjoyed my time out there.  Oh and to answer last night’s mystery question – the seeds were still on the car bumper and they did not try to follow me to work today!  They are sitting on the dining room table waiting to move to a paper envelope.

Seedling 12-019 (10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush) x Nyiragongo  How the seedling from Wednesday night and Nyiragongo made yellow I will never know.

12-019 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Nyiragongo DET