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coffee or tea ?

my summer routine is to grab a cup of coffee or tea – and the camera then head for the garden.  and start walking the yard to see what is blooming.  the morning light is often the best setting for pictures.  and the morning is full of surprises.  now is the winter late at night i can still be surprised by what is in the folder.  flowers that have slipped my mind.  today it is a flower with extra petals.  and with the night  the choice of beverages expands too.  seven images…

12-0619-002 OH x KL spdr

11-014 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker


the picture is the frame for the story.  i look at the big picture and realize it only tells part of the story.  at least the story i hoped to tell.  this picture does not give as much perspective on the height of these plants.  the lavender flower, Odds and Ends is about 32 inches 81cm and Rigamarole is 24 inches 6 cm.  then again showing the height might not do such a good jobs of showing the flowers.  life is often about compromise.  that includes the garden.  so enjoy the flowers and try not to sweat the small stuff.  six images…

rigamrole-img-0972-macro rigamrole-img-0972-det odds-and-ends-n-rigamarole-img_9972-macro odds-and-ends-n-rigamarole-img_9972-det odds-and-ends-n-rigamarole-img_9971-grdn

Be thankful for the time between puns

This is a time to be thankful.  Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day and be with your friends and loved ones.

Now if we can just get some turkey to not beleaguer us with puns or maybe just go away.  Well maybe then we can be thankful for a day without punishing humor.  Enough of these odds and ends about puns.

What happuns after puns is of course daylilies.  Even if the posts happuns mostly in the wee small hours of night.

The daylily for tonight is ODDS AND ENDS.   Something purple and beautiful.  There are two pictures of this tetraploid daylily.  The first is the usual view with three petals and three sepals behind the petals.  This is the classic daylily form.  Three and three.

The second is what is known as a poly or polymerous.  It is four petals and four sepals.  Both are pretty.  And both are from the same plant, taken just a day or two apart.  And as you can also see the purple can change from day to day too.

So much for ODDS AND ENDS and puns and funs for this early morning.  Enjoy Thanksgiving.