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Ohio Eye Oh

this plant is from one of our garden club members Ralph.  It is a short plant 26 inches 66 cm high and it has a 5.5 inch 14 cm bloom.  a bright pink flower with a bold red eye.  while i like spiders and unusual forms things would get boring without a little variety in the garden.  besides it is always nice to have club member flowers in the garden.  three images…

Ohio Eye Oh 20160815_173844 macro Ohio Eye Oh 20160815_173844 det Ohio Eye Oh 20160815_173844 grdn


the garden inspectors came one day.  they said there appeared to be a blooming problem.  too many blooms.  and now for something completely similar.  another one of those too many blooms.  Ohio Eye Oh.  three images…

mike fb of the shrinking yard 306604_4291241476386_1651088693_n

ohio eye oh det ohio eye oh macro



an eye for Ohio ?

This daylily was registered by Ralph, one of the members of our daylily club.  It is a pretty flower and one to be enjoyed.   Ohio Eye Oh     To which I would answer – Oh yes !

ohio eye oh det