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more threes

lots of things to look at that day in Xenia.  and the rain finally stopped chasing me down the rows of flowers.  just plenty of flowers to look at.  all of them a touch bruised by a day of weather and critters.   and still pretty enough.  three more.  six images…  enjoy

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Lawrence Woods

Rhino tree

Last Saturday we went to see the Rhino Tree of Lawrence Woods.

The wild flowers of the Black Swamp were in bloom.

The buzzards were circling, the sun was shining.

It was a glorious day in the woods.

The trillium were still in bloom, including weeping trillium.weeping trillium

The May Apples and the Hawthorn were in blooming too.

And the Swallowtails were posing in the grass.

A magnificent and totally wild garden.

a swallowtail in the grass