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orange ? ! ? !

often the phrase is something like ‘not another yellow!’   as if we could have too much of any one color.  i do not understand it.  i have just heard these kind of phrases too often.  and orange is the color of the basic ditch lily.  at the risk of ruining a colorful analogy orange daylilies are the red-haired stepchild of the garden.  orange and yellow daylilies sure that is nice – now can we move onto something interesting ?  that is kind of the traditional reaction in the world of daylilies.  it does not seem to hurt marigolds.  why anyone would want to limit the riot of colors in the garden well it just confuses me.  so let me go out on the edge – how about an orange daylily ?   a seedling no less.  only a first year bloom that might mature to look otherwise.  and despite the groundswell of un-enthusiasm i seem to be trying to build here i actually like it.  next year when it blooms i will be looking to see just how it matures.  and hopefully at the end of next summer it will be selected for more adventures.  only time and my enthusiasm will tell.  and now that i have waxed way too extensively.  and way too long too.  it is time for some visualization.  i hope you enjoy that part more than any of this wordy content.  two images…  and one more gratuitous pun…  orange you ready ?

14-000 img2380 macro 14-000 orng det img2380


beauty for a day

from the Greek Hemerocallis.  and just for a day.  then the flower fades into a dripping mess and quickly dries to a wisp.  moving yesterday’s flower left the ‘ink’ you see on my hand.  and there is little question to the size of this little beauty.  a cross of Nutmeg Elf x (Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard.  a strange combination that seems to have worked out just fine.  once it is moved from the relative shade of the seedling bed it too will play just fine in the sun.  three images…

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard  grdn IMG_4967

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard det Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard macro



too long a day.  nah – discard on that.  too orange, not likely.  too common – says who ?  too spent a flower ?   too much out of the ditch and along the fence ?  too red an eye ?  too close for comfort – really.  too many excuses – double nah.  or perhaps not creative enough ?  too vein ?  could there be more red veins in this ?  or just too much delay before the picture ?   … or pictures, 4.  too beautiful.  oh and it was just long enough a day in the northern hemisphere.  the longest day of the season.  happy solstice.  too!

orange ditch lily spent IMG_8158 orange ditch lily fence line orange ditchlily det orange ditchlily macro



the orange

this is one of the early daylilies in the yard.   it is a very simple and plain spider like bloom.  i have no idea of its name.  like a couple others it has been here a long time.  i could take what seems to be a frequent attitude and ask too much.  are we afraid to take things just as they are ?   have we become spoiled where what is seems to be not enough ?  i choose not to do this.  it is a very simple orange daylily.  a single color presenting a clear star shape.  it should be enough.  and it is.  this daylily is year in and year out among the first to bloom.   never an if, never a surprise that it is early.  it is a small daylily.  and it is a bright daylily.  so it is easy to find and so easy to enjoy in the garden.  it has a few buds on each scape.  some would say only.  again there are more choices.  it has blooms that are here to be enjoyed and welcomed.  when it is said that way there is no place for ‘only’.   enjoy the orange.  three images

orange unknown diploid

orange unknown diploid side view

orange unknown diploid macro petal


Orange you gonna

Knock, knock…

Who’s there ?

Orange you gonna tell me you have this color ?

It figures that a plant named after a volcano would love this heat.

This is Bagana.  Makes me glad I wanted one more orange.

Step into the way back machine

This one is an oldie.  Not sure if anyone crossed this to make it a double.  Or if it is the handy work of good old Mother Nature.  Odds are on door number B.  Can I dial a friend on that one ?

Anyway this is what is called a double.  Instead of three sepals ( the petals in back ) covered by three petals ( in front ), this one has more.

We will just keep it simple and skip any other technicalities today.

Your basic orange double daylily.  From right after Mother Nature got tired of blue.  But that as they say is a story for another day.