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names and…

where do daylily names come from ? what are the wisps of ideas that put a name to a flower ? what is in the image that links a flower to a phrase ? how did this flower come to be known as Paper Butterfly ? or if for a moment it was yours to name what might you call it ?

Paper Butterfly

is one of the predictable early flowers.  not always the first, it is always among the early bloomers.  four images…

paper butterfly img 7972 grdn paper butterfly img 7972 det paper butterfly img 7972 macro 2 paper butterfly img 7972 macro

more moving

another five plants moved today.  slowly the old seedling bed is being cleared.  and soon a new crop of seeds will be planted.  a walk around the yard revealed more plants coming into bloom.  dianthus, iris, and lupine are in flower.  and flower scapes are starting to appear on other daylilies.  Paper Butterfly, Delta Force, and Isolde all have flower scapes growing.  and at the moment Delta Force seems to be in the lead.  then again i just might not be looking in the right places and some other flower scape is just waiting to surprise me.  until then another flower from last summer – from a garden in Lebanon Ohio.  a seedling.  a skinny seedling…  two images

vod spider sdlg macro vod spider sdlg det

more from the surprise

this is another of the daylilies unexpectedly found at the garden we visited.  the daylily is called Yum Yum Plum.  i find the name itself quite nifty and whimsical.  the fact that it is a cross involving Paper Butterfly adds a bit of knowledge to the story.  and it gives me a bit of background to consider in my thoughts to cross it with Moonlit Masquerade.  And if i want to find out a little more i can look up the history of Right On the other parent of Yum Yum Plum.  it slowly becomes a garden puzzle of the mind.  each little bit adds a dimension to the plant you are dreaming to bring together.  the farther back the history of parents and grand parents can be traced the more clues are added to the picture.  and for now enough of dreaming and time for a picture or two.  Yum Yum Plum…  enjoy

yum yum plum OBX NC macro yum yum plum OBX NC det

spring training

well there was another daylily bloom today.  a new daylily bloom on a different plant.  unfortunately the cool evening the night before was most likely the source of this not so great photo op.  daylilies are a summer flower.  they like the warm weather.  and are not overly fond of cooler weather.  they can be reluctant to open after a cool night.  that is the case here with Paper Butterfly.  not quite open, even at 7 pm and not quite the right color.  you will have that in spring training…

not ready paper butterfly IMG_7967

there will be a reprise.  please stay tuned.

polishing mundane irony

Today’s flower is a parent of Witch Stitchery.  Yet what a name !  A butterfly is so much more delicate and bejeweled an organism than a piece of paper can ever be.  I wonder at the source and intent of this name.  Pressed I would guess that it is indeed something similar.  A flower is a pale reference to such a glorious flying creature.  So it might be indeed a paper butterfly.  That is my guess.  However when I step back and reflect solely on the flower well then it becomes a fair comparison.  For it is a bit of glory just as fleeting.  And tomorrow another will take its place.  For it blooms for one day and it is gone.

Paper Butterfly, set it free on the wind.

paper butterfly det

what do you say after bibbity bobbity boo ?

well if you did just say bibbity bobbity boo and you are possibly able to get off by claiming you were about to audition for a part in a theatrical production about that wanna be princess ?  failing that you might claim to be discussing daylilies with a musical name.  personally i will opt for a simple ‘whoops !’ with i might add strong and dramatic sincerity.  and then move right along into a discussion of the last remaining witch daylily in a garden way up in Ohio.   a daylily that has origins down in the sunshine state.  so without further ado and no bibbity boo here is Witch Stitchery.   Descended from a Paper Butterfly this flower has an eye that should catch yours.  you decide, is it a bit of magic ?

witchery stitchery det