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Open Hearth

a flower and its seedling.  this flower is a full bodied bloom.  the petals are full and oval shaped.  can the flower be changed in the next generation ?  the obvious answer is yes.  the question is which direction or directions am i trying to take this flower.  sometimes it can be simple and the results can be direct and fulfilling.  there is no guarantee for such quick results.  So here is a picture of Open Hearth and a link to the other parent Kindly Light.  the simplest description for Kindly Light is a skinny yellow star.  put the two together and what will the new answer be ?  the mathematical answer is on a cosmic scale.  the number of stars begins to define the genetic possibilities.  the way over simplified answer is to put the two parents at opposite ends and put as many composites and permutations as you can imagine between them.  it is a start, oversimplified, still it is a start at realizing the possibilities.  so first Open Hearth and second it skinny seedling.. three images.  enjoy

open hearth det

12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light det

open hearth macro