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some other pattern

here are a couple of other pattern daylilies we got to enjoy this weekend.  it is late and probably best not to try to explain what the daylilies are doing.  safer to just let them explain visually all by themselves.  besides then you can ask questions to the daylilies and i can play UN interpreter and act as a go between.  please do not be offended if there is a long and infinite pause as the daylilies object to responding to my proffered translations.  however be assured that this will in no way diminish the earnestness of my translations to the daylilies…  gee that sounds like a really neat title for a book – translations to daylilies.  time to quickly move on to those pictures.  four images…

bob f pattern seedling 005 macro bob f pattern seedling 005 det bob f pattern seedling 004 macro bob f pattern seedling 004 det