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a pattern developing

a couple of flowers with patterned eyes. and some seedlings from them. the first two are parent plants. the others are seedlings involving one or both parents. some patterns are consistent. and some vary from day to day. experiment with different players. observe results. and choose new directions based on those results.


directions included

finally someone remembered to pack the instructions !  use this pollen on those plants.  or take me to your garden.  or that is a petal.  or there are more flowers here.  say something nice or i will do a scarecrow to you ( wizard of oz ) “what happened to you ?  …flying monkeys…  parts of me are over here, parts of me are over there !”  … but don’t worry, its okay as long as i am still in the garden….  ( that was in the extended version – the one that is still playing in my head ).  so is there a flower with all of this stuff ?   yes there is, first one more – pay no attention to those arrows or the little dog barking at the man behind the curtain…

three images…. ( please disregard the other images verbally portrayed )

rbg sh001 macro 2 pattern rbg sh001 macro pattern rbg sh001 det pattern

oh one last direction… that is a hand.

a little start

there are many patterned daylilies.  so why should i so to speak start over ?  the simple answer is there are not many diploid spidery patterned daylilies.  or perhaps i am just silly or stubborn.  so the first cross was Cerulean Star x Sings the Blues.  that seedling was in turn crossed with Katie’s Blues, the seedling pictured here.  now that seedling might be crossed with this seedling 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills.  that is if they will cross at all.  this one’s small pattern  appeared on its own.  nothing to speak of in the history of the three parents showed a pattern.  so back to that little start.  perhaps we shall follow it and see where it leads.  three images

cerulean star x sings the blues x katie's blue pm


cerulean star x sings the blues x katie's blue pm macro

12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills eye det IMG_4520