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Late to the party ?

Let’s keep this simple.  The past 3 or 4 weeks many daylilies have been blooming.  Now they are starting to wind down.  It is time for the ‘lates’.  These are the daylilies that bloom after all the early daylilies are tired out for the season.

One of the late season daylilies is Suzy Cream Cheese.The party is not over yet…

More Bubbly Please

It could be New Year’s day.  Though it is not.  And an anniversary it is not ( thanks Yoda ).

It is a couple more daylilies with edges.  Bubbly edges – some say like ‘chicken fat’.

One in peachy shades and another in purple.

 Ed Brown

Just As I Am

So if you like this look enjoy.  If not in a day or two look for another flavor of daylily.

With daylilies comes variety – the spice of life..

Just Peachy

Sometimes you just like a flower.  This one first bloomed last year.

Now it seems to be stretching out a bit and unwinding…. maybe next chance I get the picture will really do it justice…..

For now this will have to do….

Just peachy – even if the picture is not up to the bloom !