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just bloom

a few flowers from the garden.

11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret


who is next ?

walk slow and look around.  and walk around again looking for what you missed.  yes the number of blooming flowers is lower than it was a couple of weeks ago.  and seeing what i saw today tells me i probably missed even more flowers back then.  here are a few of the things i eventually found today.  after a couple go arounds i noticed a brand new seedling in bloom.  admittedly it was doing a good job of keeping its head down.  and there are more getting ready to stick their heads up.  there are scapes coming up with new flowers.  so while i am collecting the seed pods i will enjoy those monarch butterflies and the flowers that are blooming.

16-154 11-067 Dark Counterpoint x Nyragongo) x Two Cats Dancing


compost for moving day

moving day is coming.  more like moving days.  plants will be moving.  the garden game of musical chairs is starting.  and when the music stops a plant better have a landing spot.  before that happens compost and peat moss need to be ready.  so today a finished compost pile was emptied.  and stored in the holding bin.  and now there is a nice empty compost bin for all the scraps and waste as plants are moved.  and a place for lawn trimmings to go.  it was a hot sunny morning for moving compost.  then the weather changed.  the sky darkened, the wind blew, and there was just enough time to harvest today’s batch of seed pods.  this morning while it was still cool enough there was time to cross two plants that are short pink and like to rebloom.  one is a seedling from Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and the other is Plenteous.  they must like to rebloom since it is almost september and they are blooming again.  hopefully crossing these two will produce plants that have even a stronger rebloom habit.  if the cross takes the seeds should ripen near the end of october.

purple to orange

this is a plant that has been a parent to several seedlings.  and will be again.  skinny and bright orange.  search for Bagana and find a few.  if not Bagana perhaps one of its seedlings will be crossed with last night’s plant  Thorhalla.  three images…


lavender again ! ? !

yes.  another Irish Lullaby seedling.   this one is a cross with another seedling –  Blue Lustre and Mascara Snake.  this one has full formed round petals.  it is not as skinny as yesterday’s flower.  and it is every bit as pretty.

12-150 Irish Lullaby x 11-07-27-A Blue Luster x breath of blue air x mascara snake det 12-150 Irish Lullaby x 11-07-27-A Blue Luster x breath of blue air x mascara snake macro


purple seedling

this is most likely a sibling to this other seedling.  then again it could be my extremely accurate ability to almost get things right…  two images

12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal macro 12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal det



found in the garden

what is in the garden ?  well if you are doing it right – you are.  it does not have to be your garden.  it just has to be you in a garden.  any garden.  that includes untended and wild gardens.  sometimes you just have to be there.  see it and feel it.  find it.   tonight this is what is to be found in the digital garden.  a seedling  –   Prague Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue.  two images..

12-092 Prauge Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue  det 12-092 Prauge Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue macro


seedlings bloom

this is a seedling.  one that is doing what i most enjoy seeing.  an open star shaped form.  petals that are longer and narrow.  petals with a bit of a pinch.  now the questions comes – given some time to recover from transplant how tall will these flowers grow ?  two images..

11-047 Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas)x(Highland Pinched Fingers x Monster macro 11-047 Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas)x(Highland Pinched Fingers x Monster det


quick now

it is late.  where is the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland when one needs him ?   and the fairies are outside sprinkling that white stuff !  this is the other flower – the one that at least for now will not be named for a granddaughter.  the sibling to this flower has an alternate destiny.  and we will get to that one in good time.  right now were gonna do the one that will remain a seedling for now.  though i think one way or another it too just might be registered…


a nudge from the far corner

some crosses are a stretch.  whether it’s a far out left handed crochet, an unusual quilting maneuver, or a strange shot from half court – sometimes you have to let it all hang out and take a swing, make a cross you normally would not take.  then again some of us are more comfortable doing this with a higher frequency.  abandoning the sure thing in exchange for a possible sure surprise.  this is one.  a seedling with one half from a newer daylily and the other going back to much earlier times.  and the orange shade makes for a nice change.  two images…

12-148 sdlg frans hals kid drive x North Wind Dancer macro 12-148 sdlg frans hals kid drive x North Wind Dancer  det