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fading dreams

this is another seedling from a plant called Pigment of Imagination.  it is a color changer.  in the morning it looks one way and in the evening it looks quite different.  so far this seedling has not shown any sign of changing colors.  and neither has one you might have seen a couple of weeks back.  now when i cross some of these seedlings back to one another the chances of a color changer go up.  all we need to do is take the chance and wait out the results.  and we will be very happy if those dreams fade in some of the resulting seedlings.  and they just might be pinched, skinny and twisted.  three images…


on a year like this some seedlings did not bloom.  too dry.  other seedlings bloom and it is fleeting, a few glimpses of what the flower will do, just not enough to establish a pattern of how it will look on days when the weather is a little cooler or hotter.  will it dance and twist or will it maintain a consistent form ?  will the color changer genetics in this flower be active in this generation ?  or will it take another cross to bring them out ?  14-148 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein x Pigment Of Imagination.  three images…

14-148-12-0702-001-lola-branham-x-gail-braunstein-x-pigment-of-imagination-20160802_074150-macro 14-148-12-0702-001-lola-branham-x-gail-braunstein-x-pigment-of-imagination-20160802_074150-det

14-148 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein x Pigment Of Imagination

14-148 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein x Pigment Of Imagination

Fading away

As the year fades away so do the colors on this daylily.  When it started the day it was mostly one color.  A solid purple.   Now it is revealing the colors that lie beneath.  Perhaps it is not so different from the fading year if we take the time to look.  The first view is about early morning….


then at 10 AM…poi_ten

then 11 AM …poi_11_AM

finally the end of the day…poi_eveningthe daylily is Pigment of Imagination.

dawn til dusk

Stuff happens.  Some stuff you grow to expect.  Then you see something different.

Daylilies do enjoy surprises.  Go figure.

This is the same daylily.  Morning image, late afternoon image, and a close up.

The name is Pigment of Imagination.  Kinda goes with the territory.

In time we will get used to it.