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that and that

and a couple more thats for good measure.  new seedlings have sprouted.  there is hope again. it is what gardening is about.  and there was a new flower open this morning.  and two others opened, ones that we have already seen this year.  momentum is building.  and little larkspur – pink flowers, tiny pink flowers with even tinier purple freckles have found their way before the lens of perception.  little things to hold the day.  five images…


wah wah wah

it worked for Charlie Brown…  four images…

mort pink kid IMG_1311 macro mort pink kid IMG_1311 det mort pink kid IMG_1311 clmp mort pink kid IMG_1311 grdn

not in my garden

still i wish they were.  the flowers from the last three days and for many more come from a young lady who grows daylilies half way across the state.  tonight’s flower has a big purple eye.  i got to walk her garden last summer.  the flowers are to put it simply dazzling.  three images…

sdlg km pnk n purple grdn 12rb-003

sdlg km pnk n purple det 12rb-003 sdlg km pnk n purple macro 12rb-003


it is a lawn.  it is not just grass.  and i like it that way.  we don’t use chemical additives.  and we really don’t bother fertilizing either.  mowing will control the lawn.  and we enjoy a blend of other plants.  so we do not panic at the sight of dandelions, violets, or clover.  and while it is not the first it is one it is a forerunner.  the season of little white and pink lawn flowers is upon us.  and the bees will be happy to find them.  and i will be happy to see the bees working the lawn.  it should be more than a path between the flower beds.

clover det clover macro


our columbines slowly work their way back to their natural form.   the long spurs are replaced by shorter ones and they gradually abandon the hybridized form,  they may be a short lived perennial,  individual plants seldom last more than two or three years.  and that is okay, a little change in the garden each year is a good thing.  three pictures.

pink columbine det pink columbine macro petal pink columbine macro

decidedly unsnowy

it is supposed to snow tonight.  spring will come.  it just won’t be fast and it won’t be easy.  so here is a flower that i believe has not been on this page since last year this time.  it did well this past summer in the garden in its second year of bloom.  it is tall enough.  its bloom is big enough.  and its color is pink enough.  pink enough to come through this snow with thoughts of the summer.   Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein

sf13 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein throat det  sf13 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein det 004