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the larkspur images were not hiding in the car. they were hiding in the camera which was hiding in the bedroom. it has been found. sometimes the pink larkspur have purple freckles. yesterday this one had a purple streak. the planting list and the seeds made it out to the garden. the big garden ruler and the string were used to layout the plantings. two rows were planted. soon the rest will follow. tonight two flowers from last summer follow the seeds. some of their seeds will be planted this summer…


it was a good day to start cleaning the weeds out of the seedling bed.  to make room for a new crop of flowers.  and seed sorting has started.  it is time to pick the ones that will get planted.  if there was more room there still would not be enough room.  and it would be a terrible problem.  more flowers than i would know what to do with.  a problem that would be great fun to solve.  or attempt to solve.  for now i will concentrate on getting ready to plant and to get these seeds in the ground.  three images of Ginger Swallowtail…

Seedling blooms and seeds are being planted

The yard continues to fill with scapes.  Bloom is about to move from a slow trickle to a strong current.  Four or five blooms a day is soon going to be a thing of the past.  The first bloom has opened in the seedling bed.  More importantly this year’s seeds are in the process of being planted.

The seedling

OLS x CS x STB det

and the seeds

seed bed 13 det