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compost for moving day

moving day is coming.  more like moving days.  plants will be moving.  the garden game of musical chairs is starting.  and when the music stops a plant better have a landing spot.  before that happens compost and peat moss need to be ready.  so today a finished compost pile was emptied.  and stored in the holding bin.  and now there is a nice empty compost bin for all the scraps and waste as plants are moved.  and a place for lawn trimmings to go.  it was a hot sunny morning for moving compost.  then the weather changed.  the sky darkened, the wind blew, and there was just enough time to harvest today’s batch of seed pods.  this morning while it was still cool enough there was time to cross two plants that are short pink and like to rebloom.  one is a seedling from Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and the other is Plenteous.  they must like to rebloom since it is almost september and they are blooming again.  hopefully crossing these two will produce plants that have even a stronger rebloom habit.  if the cross takes the seeds should ripen near the end of october.

a little story

for now at least.   this is a first year seedling.  a first bloom.  the cross is Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella’s Ruffled Fingers) x Plenteous).  many things are possible with this flower.  so i think i will just sit back and watch them unfold in a relaxed excited sort of way.  the whole plant, flower and all is no taller than my extended hand.  somewhere about 8 inches 20.3 cm.  and the flower is in the 3 inch 7.6 cm range.  it has 3 years to mature.  both Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and Plenteous have rebloom in their genetic history.  time will tell what might be.  four images…

Little Rainbow x Talon) x SRF) x Plenteous grdn IMG_8686 Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella's Ruffled Fingers scale IMG_8687

Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella's Ruffled Fingers macro Little Rainbow x Talon) x SRF) x Plenteous det

what is special ?

What you choose to make special becomes special.  If you decide the color or shape of a flower is special that becomes your focus.  Sometimes it can be something simple like more blooms.  This is someone else’s work a flower called Plenteous.   And it is more blooms and so the name plenty or plenteous.  Any time you can have more blooms that is special.  There are two blooming scapes in this picture and if you look there are two more scapes ready to start blooming and two smaller ones just starting to come up.

plenteous det clump  plenteous det blm

plenteous macro