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poly it rolls off the tongue so much easier than a flower with extra petals. daylilies almost all of the time favor three petals in front and three sepals in back. if you count six it is situation normal. they also have a quirky sense of humor. if you are walking through the garden and hear a faint giggling sound the garden fairies and indeed the daylilies are in on a small joke. lets make a poly. this one here needs extra petals ! how many do you want to add today ! ? two ? three ? or six more ? there is no expecting it just listen for the giggles…


oh poly

yes with one ‘L’. oh the capitals letters we have to use to avoid confusion. now to continue without lament. getting back to poly. it is short for polymerous. and without getting caught up in the rational or evolution of this description it means the flower has many or extra petals. the typical daylily has three sepals forming the outside of the flower bud. once it opens the sepals are in back and the petals which were inside the unopened bud are in front of the sepals. there are typically 3 petals. one for each sepal. each flower typically has 6 petals and sepals. except for those poly times when there are more. on those occasions there can be 8, 10, or 12. any daylily can do this and it is a random event. some daylilies do this on a more regular basis. tonight’s flower Give Me Eight behaves this way more often. it has other nice qualities that it passes along to its seedlings. it has other crosses to try here. perhaps last night’s flower will be among them… oh please pay little attention to the small petaloids in the center of the flower. daylilies have a certain penchant for weird random behaviors. some of them are even entrancingly becoming…


one of these flowers has 5 sets of petals.  the second one from the same cross only have 4 sets of petals.  the first one is so cluttered that it is a little difficult to see what is going on in the flower.  the bright bright sun makes it difficult too.  we will send out for a brighter photographer next time.  oh wait – he used shade on the four petal version.

11-058 Nutmeg Elf x (Little Rainbow x Talon

14-126 10-120 Wild One x Autumn Minaret x Sally Sue

14-126 10-120 Wild One x Autumn Minaret x Sally Sue

and in the end

actually it is not the end.  that old song is just stuck delightfully in my head.  perhaps all in all would be a better start.  this is the second season here in the garden for Contact High.  In spite of the dry year it did come closer to its registered height.  mosty with out any supplemental water.  some plants got spoiled a bit with extra water.  they look better and more importantly usually do a better job of setting pods when they are healthy and watered.  of course there are exceptions to every generality.  i am hoping to set a pod or two on Contact High.  one because of those nice skinny petals with movement.  and two it is supposed to have scapes that do not lean or blow down in the wind.  so far it has lived up to its reputation. added bonus – today’s flower is a poly with 8 petals and sepals.  two images,  and yes it is a little paler this year …

Contact High191058 det Contact Hight 20160802_191058 grdn



a regular botanical anarchist.  that would be a good definition of some plants.  and that would include the daylily.  maybe not every day.  maybe not every week.  just don’t expect them to read the instructions, believe the definitions,  and conform to any construct we arrange.  there are those who seek to fix as in stabilize variegated leaves in daylilies.  so far they are a determined and unrewarded lot.  the trait comes and goes on the whim of the plant.  and so it is with other traits.  there are polys, daylilies that have more than the normal allotment of three petals and three sepals.  and a true poly, if i can use the word true or normal to describe them, will have only one pistil.  while a fused bloom, which often resembles a poly, is two flowers that grow fused into a single bloom.  however a fused bloom will show two stems, two ovaries partially fused together.  and it will show two pistils with six petals and six sepals.  so besides impertinent what is this flower ?  with its two pistils and five petals and five sepals, and if the eyes do not deceive me 11 stamen ?  i favor the impertinent answer.  four images…

talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 macro_2 talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 macro_1 talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 det talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 grdn


in daylily terms it is a flower with extra petals and sepals.  that would be more than the standard 6.  usually it is an even number total.  and as usual, usual does not mean always.  if you look at the stamens and count there are seven.  there usually is one stamen for each petal and sepal.  so while the visual count of sepals and petals is 7 and the count of stamens is 7 it is a pretty good bet that there is no extra sepal hiding behind one of the petals.  that means it is time to stop talking and move onto the flower.  oh and give yourself extra credit for the math content.   5 images…

11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker

11-014 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker

11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker det 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro_3 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro_2 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro_1

an entire flight

the other day an entire flight of Propeller Beanie landed in garden.  lets just say it was neat and call it a night…  yes this is a spider daylily.  and i like them !   three images.

propeller beanie macro propeller beanie det propeller beanie garden

more sibs

there once were some seedlings from a cross of Smoke Scream x Diabolique.  this could of been one of them.  the other one is still here planted up front along the porch.   the reason for the cross ?  both of them poly occasionally – they throw and extra set of petals.  the hope of the cross – that the seedlings from the new cross would poly more often.  this is one of those seedlings.  time will tell if it polys more often.  three images, first one from last growing season (2013), and two more from this year…  and no it does not always poly.

smoke scream x diabolique sib cross det 2013 QQQQQ

smoke scream x diabolique sib cross macro QQQQQ smoke scream x diabolique sib cross det QQQQQ



find a smokey picture

i could go with that horror script and add a smokey wispy picture to set the mood.  or we could dump that whole bit and fall back to the standard theme.  find a picture.  okay modify it a bit and make it a Smoke Scream seedling.  yes there are still a lot of Smoke Scream seedling hiding not so hidden in the garden.   and for a few nights more they will continue.  they will continue in spite of the fact there are real crocus blooming in the garden.  hmm like the daylily they come in shades of yellow and purple and some white.  then again so do a lot of flowers.  back to the Smoke Scream seedling.  the cross was Diabolique and Smoke Scream.  it bloomed poly ( extra petals ).  actually two of the seedlings of this cross were blooming poly.  so they were crossed with each other again.  the hope is for more frequent poly blooms.  the resulting seedling did bloom poly.  not exclusively, yet it did bloom poly several times.  another one to watch and evaluate in the next year or two.

sf13 diabolique x smoke scream sib cross det

Be thankful for the time between puns

This is a time to be thankful.  Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day and be with your friends and loved ones.

Now if we can just get some turkey to not beleaguer us with puns or maybe just go away.  Well maybe then we can be thankful for a day without punishing humor.  Enough of these odds and ends about puns.

What happuns after puns is of course daylilies.  Even if the posts happuns mostly in the wee small hours of night.

The daylily for tonight is ODDS AND ENDS.   Something purple and beautiful.  There are two pictures of this tetraploid daylily.  The first is the usual view with three petals and three sepals behind the petals.  This is the classic daylily form.  Three and three.

The second is what is known as a poly or polymerous.  It is four petals and four sepals.  Both are pretty.  And both are from the same plant, taken just a day or two apart.  And as you can also see the purple can change from day to day too.

So much for ODDS AND ENDS and puns and funs for this early morning.  Enjoy Thanksgiving.