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or the first blush of sunrise.  the colors of this flower gently blend from one to another.  shades of yellow, orange, and bit of pink they are suffused and drift into one another.  polychrome.  three images…

13-011-b-12-0727-003-monster-x-lavender-branch-x-sky-captain-img_1855-macro 13-011-b-12-0727-003-monster-x-lavender-branch-x-sky-captain-img_1855-det

13-011-B 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain

13-011-B 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain



nearly wordless.  this sort of blended colors is referred to as polychrome.  and now that i have found my device i will leave you to yours.  two images…

polychrome macro polychrome det

Somewhere into the garden

Blue birds fly.  Well perhaps they flit through.  This garden is not typical blue bird territory.   However for a few weeks each year rainbows grows here in the garden.  Very specifically Little Rainbow – a rainbow that persists without the prerequisite rain.

Little Rainbow is what is called a polychrome.  One color fades or blends into the other.  In this case it only requires two colors, pink and yellow to justify the name.

And oh what a delightful play of colors these two make.

I have written often enough – well for today at least – of the wonderful seedlings Little Rainbow has shared.   And until today not nearly enough about Little Rainbow itself.   In many ways it is so like its name sake.  Once seen we long to see it again and again.   And like its name sake its presence is too fleeting.  And each year as Little Rainbow is somewhere into the garden I savor its beauty again and again.  It is a small beauty that blooms so deep it can capture all of your attention.  Even in the face of new, bigger, more modern, fancier, and more chromatically endowed daylilies  Little Rainbow more than holds its own.