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yes the first and only daylily to bloom this year is on its forth or fifth bloom. there is even another plant threatening to take away its only claim. eventually. maybe even tomorrow. until then some other flowers. and the current champ. we will start with what might be the door to the garden. it does have flowers around it. after two or three days if a bird or butterfly passes by and blinks we have less poppy and red snow on the garden path. two rows of seeds have been planted. the white labels are from old window blinds and mark the start of a new seed cross. except for the ones up front. they are crosses for very short plants. they might only grow 8 or 10 inches 20.3 or 25.4 cm high. the taller seedling would shade them out. so they are planted across the front of the bed. and lastly there is the current title holder. hopefully about to become an also ran amongst a large large host of competitors.

no guacamole

i might just sleep tonight instead of toss and turn.  and dream of carnation poppies and a daylily or two.  the carnation poppies bloom for a day or two.  and when they are ready to be done, when a butterfly lands on a flower at the other end of the garden, when the slightest of breeze thinks about beginning well the petals drop like red snow.


bugs, buds, and woods

besides being slightly over focused on daylilies i can sometimes fall prey to other interests.  the shape and color of other flowers are not all together lost on me.  and i do occasionally get out of my garden.  the woods is a completely acceptable alternative.  not only are there all kinds of trees.  and things growing and moving in the understory.  when you get right down to the ground there are mosses and lichen.  and though the pipes look like post industrial lichen they are actually the start of the reproductive process.  six images…

14-115 10-045 Talon x Give Me Eight) x Skinwalker

14-150 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling