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no – this is not about writing poetry.   and for those of you with an unkind attitude to Bill Shakespeare’s favorite pun  – you will just have to wait Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane.   this is about posting in the midst of a food coma.  a kind of double punctuation.  one medically ( or gastronomically ) induced and the other almost imposed by literary restrictions.  is it possible to accomplish without that deep drifting off that follows a too well enjoyed meal ?  does consciousness fall away as easily as meat from the bone ?  there is under these sad dire  circumstances a flower with need to be shared.  and perhaps, possibly, an individual or three that could be in need of such a seldom moment.  two images…

Ocean Spirit 2434img macro Ocean Spirit 2434img det

orange ? ! ? !

often the phrase is something like ‘not another yellow!’   as if we could have too much of any one color.  i do not understand it.  i have just heard these kind of phrases too often.  and orange is the color of the basic ditch lily.  at the risk of ruining a colorful analogy orange daylilies are the red-haired stepchild of the garden.  orange and yellow daylilies sure that is nice – now can we move onto something interesting ?  that is kind of the traditional reaction in the world of daylilies.  it does not seem to hurt marigolds.  why anyone would want to limit the riot of colors in the garden well it just confuses me.  so let me go out on the edge – how about an orange daylily ?   a seedling no less.  only a first year bloom that might mature to look otherwise.  and despite the groundswell of un-enthusiasm i seem to be trying to build here i actually like it.  next year when it blooms i will be looking to see just how it matures.  and hopefully at the end of next summer it will be selected for more adventures.  only time and my enthusiasm will tell.  and now that i have waxed way too extensively.  and way too long too.  it is time for some visualization.  i hope you enjoy that part more than any of this wordy content.  two images…  and one more gratuitous pun…  orange you ready ?

14-000 img2380 macro 14-000 orng det img2380


this curl is not dry

it might have been clean for a day.  and it was sunny enough that this morning if finally was dry.  and it took the length of this day to make up its mind on wet or dry.  it was a classic wait 15 minutes northern Ohio weather day.  for most of the day.  three images…

wet yellow spider det

wet yellow spider macro wet yellow spider macro 2

big curls – don’t cry

i’d say it was out of my system, then again some days we start with a pun and go for excessive.  remember this is a garden.  we plant and mulch our mistakes…  now back to those curls.  today’s curls are big.  yesterday’s flower was in the 6 inch range, curled it is closer to 4.  Third Act is 10 in 25.5 cm – curled.  someday i will have to unwind one.  the un-curled petal has got to be much bigger.  right now it is about 35 in tall.  next year it should be closer to its registered height of 40 in 102 cm.  still it is not bad for its second year here in the garden.  space the final frontier – even in the garden.  let’s get to the flower.  three images…

Third Act grdn IMG_9516


Third Act det Third Act macro


find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro




grape expectations

does this flower have enough purple ?  just about every day when i look at it the flower is more than convincing.  it was enough to give it a name –  Indigo Ignition.   a grape choice considering the flower.  two images

indego ignition det indego ignition macro


point of order

i have occasionally heard complaints about the color yellow and its association with certain beautiful flowers.  as if there could be too many yellow flowers.  heck there is even a flower named ‘Just Another Yellow’.  i am guessing there is a bit of irony involved in that choice.  when the day arrives that too many yellow flowers grace the garden, so much so that their glowing brilliance chases me from the garden, perhaps then i just might consider there is a tad too much yellow.  until then i will choose to live in denial.  that is denial.  not de Nile.  i am strongly allergic to hippos and crocs.  and now to wander gracefully back to yellow… three images  oh and the cross is Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol

Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol  garden IMG_1569


Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol det IMG_1569 Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rolmacrot IMG_1569



These aren’t the petals your droids were looking for…

There are lots of petal like structures here.  But are they really petals ?  The answer is in the anther.   What is the anther?   Puny you should ask.  The anther is the part of the flower that carries the pollen.  There are six ‘petals’ that have anthers growing surprisingly at their tips.  And that is the give away that they are not true petals.   They are extra tissue growing on the stamens.  And while they are not true petals, no way does it stop them from being truly pretty.  

anther det    Nagasaki det

Nagasaki is the name of this daylily.  Even a droid occasionally finds a pretty daylily.


Its spring . . . ?

now dust the snow off the calendar and relax before that dancing lands you on your backside !  for those of you in locations where it actually is warm and spring like thou art blessed.   for those in locales where things are less than warm please hold on.   the lion of March can only roar so long before the lamb bleats him at his own game.


This is an anonymous seedling from last summer doing the stage prompts, “please direct your attention to stage right where spring is almost nearly making a glorious entry and ignore stage left where winter is grudgingly moving off, possibly with the assistance of the theatrical hook.

PS –  for those of you keeping score, that was the first pun of spring.

not tiny

Neither on Dagobah will this one dance – nor tiny is this one to be.  Thank ewe Yoda

Now where was I ?  Besides drifting into bahhed puns ?

Try to let thoughts of this one warm you ( or ewe ) when the cold wind blows.  North Wind Dancer – this one is tall, graceful, and can help you in ways Obi Wan can never dream.

hmmmm quiet this one is now….