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sometimes daylilies realize you are going to get emotional.  so they send extra tissues.  i guess the bad puns could work the same way.  extra tissues, they can appear without warning.  and sometimes they can be tamed by selective breeding and take advantage of this happening.  and so far i have not taken this second step. others have done so.  two images…

poly with cristate det poly with cristate macro


like in swamp gas and other mysterious things that go sklugh in the swamp and the muck.  and for those consulting the OED sklugh is a word that will someday be entered to cover that onomatopoeia occurrence of a semi solid mass bluntly coalescing into the murky muddy essence.  or such are my wildest dreams.  back to the apparition.  the flower is a seedling of Smoke Scream x Swamp Apparition.  the purple is mostly lost except for the reddish purple eye. the flower and plant has otherwise carried visually the genes of Swamp Apparition.  and we likes it.  not in the Precious consuming way.  just likes it thoroughly and immensely.  two images as we reflect back through the early part of summer…  and do watch out not to be a part of the sklugh…. it is no fest.  just and impending fester !

12-131 smoke scream x swamp apparition macro img_8549 12-131 smoke scream x swamp apparition det img_8549

living on the edge

well that’s a good start to move in any one of six or sixteen different directions.  the edge of summer ?  the edge of the daylily petal ?   coming back to the same flower too soon ?  or showing two different flowers in one post and risk running out of images during the off season.  or go really over the edge and admit there is an off ( finite bloom) season.   or really really over the edge and make a non-affirmative statement about Tinker Bell.  that might be too far for even me…  now to those alleged flowers whose ephemeral existence cannot be extended by affirmative statements.  let’s go with two different flowers on the same day, Good Rockin Tonight and Unique Purple.  One is tall and red and the other is short and purple.  One has been here a good while and the other is on its second year in the garden.  both still hold my attention fairly well and there is still much to learn about both of them.  especially what sort of plants that might come from using these plants in other crosses.  Good Rockin Tonight is the tall and red.  would it be too much to ask for Unique Purple to be purple ?   could that tingling be my sense of edge ?   or the scotch ?  ( that was not dry humor…)  four images…

unique purple macro unique purple det good rockin tonight macro good rockin tonight det

no trumpets

the reason for this title is the shape of this flower.  some flowers are described as trumpets.  the petals make a cone shape that is best described as a trumpet.  some are very closed and cone shaped and others are more open.  today’s flower is so opposite it is anti-cone shaped.  as in no trace of a cone.   the petals radiate out in a flat plane from the very base of the flower.  one of the benefits of this orientation is  you get maximum view of the petals and color.  in the case of this flower it has a very large throat area, no eye zone, and the color of petal tips makes up something like a quarter of the visible surface.  which is another way to say the throat dominates the flower.  perhaps that is why it was named Kermit’s Scream.  a 6 inch 25 cm bloom.  two images…   and yes this one is in Dave’s garden.   and yes yes who needs trumpets when Kermit is screaming so loud ! ? !

dw kermit's scream det dw kermit's scream macro

it aint supposed to be this way

this is a follow up to this morning’s post…  the single bloom image is from that same plant as this.  decidedly not a single bloom image.  and third year seedlings are usually not quite this well bloomy.  yes that is the opposite of gloomy.  something the last day of January could do with.   one big image of bloom

volcan fuego x am from sf14wrk

sf14wrk 2014

good advice

keep it simple.  find a picture.  let the picture do most of the talking.  yes the summer is winding down.  yes ducks find wound down rather uncomfortable.  so lets leave the ducks out of this.  and lets not fret too much on coming end to summer.  it will start and end again next year too.  this is a daylily that was blooming a few days ago.  it is called Cup of Cold Water.  it has many things going for it.  it is purple with a cloud purple eye and edge.  the edge is two fold there is a white outer edge too.  there are veins that stand out in the petals.  and there is a nice ruffled edge.  a sight to behold and enjoy.  two images

cup of cold water macro cup of cold water det


Jurassic Park with benefits

It must be the rapid warming that has muddled my mind.  And as the instructor at the Naturist Camp said “please bare with me”.  Yes this is still about daylilies.  Blame it on the muddling.  This is a somewhat Jurassic daylily.  Not quite back to the 1900’s, yet 1955 is still pretty far back.  Why would anyone keep such a fossil around in the garden when newer and according to some, far prettier things are available.  My answer is simple.  The daylily genome has hardly been scratched.  This can be said for just about every plant in the daylily world.  There are is a universe of genetic combinations to be discovered.  So first a picture of the dinosaur, a close up peek into it’s eye,  and then a link to the benefits.   enjoy from a safe distance, then get off the island as quick as you can…

Ouachita Beauty det

Ouachita Beauty det pollen

and finally the link.


Another flower seen in another garden.  Should I also add seen in another season ?  As yesterday’s pictures showed there is snow on the ground here.  So yes it was in another season.  This flower is purple and a six inch bloom.  The plant is 33 inches high.

cg lavender panties


The name of this flower is Lavender Panties.  So I guess I can file tonight’s post under puns.  Should the name or the lack of rhyme disturb you, feel free to substitute boxers, britches,  knickers, or purple.  What ever will permit you to remember we are in the garden and we have left some of those worldly troubles at the gate.  Enjoy.

shirley you jest

Oh Kay – so you think you took enough pictures ?   Well not as many as I think I need now !    Sometimes when I look through these pictures I think that just maybe I should have taken a few more shots.   Then again I think the daylilies tend to make up for the shots that I did not quite take.  This is Scarlet Swallowtail.   It is an eight inch bloom that more than compensates for my meager photography skills.  The flower manages quite well without me.  Enjoy

scarlet swallowtail det 002