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Puppet Lady

this is a tall red daylily with a yellow throat. 30 inches 76 cm high and a flower 8 inches 20 cm across. the description describes the throat as a cream not yellow. i need to try crossing this into purples looking for white throats. and cross it back to She Who Must Be Obeyed. both plants have Rigamarole in their parentage. good things might happen from those crosses. keep stirring…

other red

this is Puppet Lady.  it has a flowing form.  and a deep rich red color.  it is also loved by thrips here.  they make those white marks on the bloom.  would crossing it with yesterday’s red chase the thrips away ???  two images

puppet lady macro puppet lady det

Remembering in the garden…

One of the things about daylilies is that they are often named for people in the hybridizer’s life.  One such daylily is Puppet Lady.  It was named to honor Rosemary Whitacre not only for her involvement in the world of daylilies.  It was also named to acknowledge her other gifts.  One of her pastimes was putting on puppet shows at local schools.

Puppet Lady