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Purple Grasshopper

small flowers that bloom late into the season.  everything cannot bloom early.  everything cannot bloom in the middle.  and everything cannot bloom late.  nature is too busy for this everything stuff.  it has one season to work with and it is going to use every last bit of it from start to finish.  three images…



tonight.  somewhere between the facts and hyperbole there is a garden.  turning brown.  the green is going.  and there is this flower.  the purple is there in spite of the brown.  the purple is staying.  for now.  it can still be clear and simple.  three images…

here and there

yes it is still that time of year.  there is a bloom here and a bloom there.  mostly the blooms are not here.  we have gone from many to occasional.  it is a good thing i have learned not to argue with mother nature.  besides it is very difficult to pick seed pods when the flowers are in the way.   so this empty season is not completely empty.  this is one of the stragglers here in the garden.  the seed pods are great, the remaining scattered blooms are still great to see.  Purple Grasshopper.   two images…

purple grasshopper macro purple grasshopper det


done and not so done

The garden is now past peak bloom.  In fact many plants have finish blooming completely.   Each day more and more of them will finish and the garden will start to look very bare.  Except for the lates that just started to bloom or are getting ready to bloom.  There are new flowers that have been purchased and others grown from seed that are just coming into bloom.  Some will continue, usually through August and into September.  Some will send up rebloom scapes.  And as the blooms do finally stop the seed collecting will start.  And the planning of the fall plant moves.  The plants that will be evaluated and those that will be evaluated out of the garden.

This is a new plant from our local daylily club’s plant sale last summer.  The plant is Purple Grasshopper.

purple grasshopper det