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this is what a clump of Trahlyta looks like in bloom.  each flower could be labeled a study in purples.  purples.  not just one shade, a lot of shades of purple.  enjoy…  four images…


back at the beginning of this alphabet thing not only did i get mixed up and un-alphabet a day, i also used a flower that i wanted to come back to discussing.  so i can come back to it now because.  and because after t is u.  so from Trahlyta we can go back to the letter u for Unique Purple again.  i keep saying purples can be variable with the weather and temperature.  so here is a little example.  remember that first image of Unique Purple.  now here is more of that same plant on its various variable days.  not a split personality.  a perpetually perplexing purple personality partially revealed.  three images…

unique purple det img 3430 unique purple pair det img 3504Unique Purple img 4876 det

vein infusion

i go into garden to have no worries.  or at least little worries.  so why allow other worries here.  this is an extension of the garden.  not an extension of worries.  put your worries in the weed pail then throw the weeds on top and compost the lot of them.  now about that flower.  four images…

american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_3 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_2 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_1 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 grdn

not in my garden

still i wish they were.  the flowers from the last three days and for many more come from a young lady who grows daylilies half way across the state.  tonight’s flower has a big purple eye.  i got to walk her garden last summer.  the flowers are to put it simply dazzling.  three images…

sdlg km pnk n purple grdn 12rb-003

sdlg km pnk n purple det 12rb-003 sdlg km pnk n purple macro 12rb-003


find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro




purple larkspur

the larkspur self seed throughout the garden.  there are enough that many are removed to make room for planned plantings.   and new ones keep coming along during the course of the summer.  they are a nice and delicate addition to the garden.  three images

purple larkspur det IMG_7997

purple larkspur bud macro IMG_8000 purple larkspur bloom macro IMG_8000

planting day(s)…

or daze…  the seeds are coming out of the envelopes and going in the ground.  and other things are blooming.  so the first few rows of seeds have gone into the soil.  it will take a few more days to plant both seed beds.   some of the plants removed from the bed can be seen sitting on the path.  Others have been placed next to the back fence.  the seeds go in six inches apart and are staggered so the plant in the next row should not be right along side.  they will stay here for the next three years.  then the process will be repeated.  the oldest seed beds are just to the left.   and last year’s seedling bed can be seen in the second picture.  some of these should bloom this year.  speaking of blooms the Siberian Iris are blooming too.  so page down to see them…

2014 seedling beds IMG_7652

last years seedling bed IMG_7657 siberian iris