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different day same summer

i did not want to say different day same flower.  why ?  because it is not.  they are both from the same plant exactly one day apart.  and they are two different flowers.  what makes them not so similar ?  is it the light, the time of day, different temperature ranges over the two day period ?  something affected the image quality.  they were taken with the same camera.  and yes different cameras can be part of the change.  they are both pictures of Isolde taken today and yesterday here in this garden.  and while we are puzzling a puzzle of a lighter subject matter.  where do fairy elephants hang their tusks ?  several images…



seedling unflagged

chances are this flower was never flagged.  since this is its moving year there is a good chance it may not be seen again.  That does not mean i cannot learn from it.  the first lesson is to always carry the flagging tape.   and marker, carry that too.  an unlabeled flag is little better than no flag at all.  it cannot be linked back to an image nor can it make one blank flag anymore important than another blank flag.  more information is always a foundation for a more informed decision.  still i can speculate on the possible parents of a seedling.  this one makes me think Old King Cole was one of the parents.  don’t get me wrong.  i am not my own dial a psychic friend.  this is still an informed guess.  and certainly not sure answers.  however any bit of understanding is more than we started with.  and a bit of a step in the right direction.

sf13 seedling img1962 det