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three flowers

one is round.  one is a fairly skinny star.  and one is a really skinny star.  all together in one spot.  Ashbey Pettigrew  is a white round shape with a purple eye.  Gadsen Goliath is red and skinny.  and Queen Cobra is all stretched out and a bit of purple eye too.  four images…


q is for confusion

or am i for confusion.  yes things happen both in the garden and on the spreadsheet where i endeavor to keep track of these daylilies.  somehow i grabbed the version that is missing some names.  insert duh here.  yes there is a q daylily planted here in the garden.  Queen Cobra a daylily from the Niagara Falls area of New York.  it even likes it here near the shores of shallow lake Erie.  and that is another story.  this flower is big too it is 8 inches 20.5 cm.  it is a spider type daylily.  skinny petals like a svelte queen.  and yes i am very glad to be temporarily un-confused.  three images…

today i could

i could start by showing the yard.  and how the tide of green has started to turn.   there is still much green.  and there are plants leaping into bloom.  here and there singly and in other places clumps of 5 or more flower scapes are all in bloom.  and soon the green will give way to other colors.  many.  many colors.

yard view IMG_8413

do you think it will take a week ?  or less ?  or i could talk about Fantasia a flower that has 6 years on me.  it has been here several years.  it is quite happy.  ready to start blooming at clump strength in a day or two.

fantasia clump IMG_8421

i could talk about a flower in its second year here.  really coming on strong.  and still ready to get stronger next year.  most daylilies take three years to really demonstrate just what they can do.  Queen Cobra at 30 or so inches 72.6 cm heading for its 42 inch usual height.

queen cobra det 3 IMG_8445

i could talk about the fulva creeping under the fence.  one with freckles in its veins.  even fulva can have variety.

fulva det IMG_8454

or i could talk about the Canadian Hemlock catching the sunlight backlit on its gentle needles.

canadian hemlock backlit

then there is the seedling gone to a 5 petal poly with its ghost eye.  can you see it ?  or i could save it too for another day.

boba seedling x sm qqq det poly x 5

or there is a flower that has reached its three year potential.  Mythperception an 8 inch flower 20.5 cm on a 32 inch 81 cm scape.  i just don’t know what choice to make.  then again in a few days the wave of color will make its own choices.

mythperception det

and no.   these were not the only choices.  just the ones that tickled my fancy today.  i did not even go into the seedling bed.  and that is where the kid does his happy dance in the toy store.  yes.  they are blooming too.  now what was that dream… yes sugar plums.  and summer daylilies.



are we there yet ?

that is a question more often heard in the car, not in the garden.  so why now ?  well it is about patience.  daylilies are perennials, plants that come back year after year.  and usually they bloom the very first year.  this is in spite of the delivery.  the majority of daylilies are delivered by mail and arrive bare root.  they do not come in a nifty little pot.  and their growth has been interrupted by a rude uprooting from the soil.  and even if they were to arrive in a pot they are a perennial.  one who’s growth pattern reaches its peak in the third year.  so the second year of bloom is usually better.  and the third year and on should be even better.  this flower is the first year bloom after a bare root delivery.  and the answer to the question, just be patient we are not there yet !  two images…  and the flower is Queen Cobra

queen cobra det queen cobra macro