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a simple strong signal sent from the garden.  sent from a lunar source to be seen during the day.  Radiant Moonbeam.  three images…


too radiant.  too much Radiant Moonbeam.  with a little bit of Keene in the other corner.  and some yellow from Rococo in the opposite corner.  three images…

radiant-moonbeam-img_3390-macro radiant-moonbeam-img_1980-det radiant-moonbeam-img_1980-grdnR

learning to android

these pictures were taken with the tablet and not with a single lens reflex camera.  adjust adjust adjust.  not the camera, me !    so what else is new ?  a flower called Radiant Moonbeam.  radiant even on a wet day – it rained a wee bit today.  and time to find a better alternative till the camera gets repaired. two images…

Radiant Moonbeam nook 20160724_164524 det Radiant Moonbeam nook 20160724_164524 clump

cloud machine

lake erie is doing what it does best in winter.  before the lake freezes, which shows no sign of happening this year, it is an incredibly effective cloud machine.  sunshine, moonbeams, comets, and auroras it happily blocks most of them out.  however it cannot touch this picture.  five images…

radiant moonbeam img 3040 grdn radiant moonbeam img 3040 det radiant moonbeam img 3040 macro_3 radiant moonbeam img 3040 macro_2 radiant moonbeam img 3040 macro_1

moments and intervals

between moonbeams things happen.  poking around the 2013 seedling bed i found what should be a seedling of Radiant Moonbeam.  sooner or later i will find the picture that should go with the tag.  until then this moment belongs to Radiant Moonbeam.  two images…

radiant moonbeam macro 001 radiant moonbeam det 001

Radiant Moonbeam

what do you call a flower that blooms in daylight in the garden… something opposite in this case.  Radiant Moonbeam.  it’s tall.  it’s white.  so i guess it radiates its light over the rest of the garden.  either way it is pretty.  and it is a flower that we are crossing to make more daylily seeds.  two images

radiant moonbeam det radiant moonbeam macro

what if lilies ?

playing what if is a frequent game.  sometimes it is two pictures like last night.  sometimes it is picking a flower and looking at what other crosses have been made and looking at the results.  and then imagining alternate and perhaps somewhat similar results.  sometimes i go to one or another daylily database and look up a flower.  then i look up the children that flower has produced.  off to www.daylilydb.com  or  daylilydatabase.org and plug in a name, like Radiant Moonbeam.  then i look at the colors, the shapes, the flower size, the plant height, and the branching and bud count.  and wonder what might be.  other times i walk into the summer garden and work closer to the subject…   Radiant Moonbeam –  there is something to be said for the outdoor version of the game.. 

Radiant Moonbeam IMG_0248

Another Bud Please…

Some have commented that the season is winding down.  Many plants are nearing their last bloom or have finished for the year.  This is not a call to retire and reminisce.    This definitely about lifting one more, though perhaps not in the way you image.

This is about lifting one more bloom to the sun.  Some daylilies are what is known as bud builders.  As long as conditions permit the tip of the scape will add new buds and the plant will continue to bloom.  Nutmeg Elf is one of these, though this year it is not doing any bud building.  At least not so far.

There are a couple of other plants I am watching for this behavior.  Autumn Minaret and some of its seedlings are capable of bud building.  This year two or three plants have caught my attention as they have bloomed for a fair amount of time.  Before You Accuse Me by Dan Bachman, Volcan Fuego by Brian Mahieu, and Radiant Moonbeam by Larch have all bloomed for a good period of time.  We will watch, enjoy each bloom, and when the visual music is complete we will count the bud scars and replay the tune.

Radiant Moonbeam

So while we still can enjoy them… another bud please !