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pitter patter

today was a pitter patter drizzly day. except for those moments of intense down pour. the ones when you stop digging and making mud pies and head for shelter. occasionally a moment of blue or two would peek through the clouds only to be swallowed up again by clouds. grey. it is a good thing there was a bunch of pictures the day before. muddy fingers are no good for cameras. astilbe, carnation poppy without the big red flower, with larkspur and yarrow. siberian iris, wisteria, and yellow and brown iris. all growing as happy as a kid playing in the mud.


this morning was busy.  errands and a regular check up with the doctor.  then garden visits with a fellow hybridizer.  on the way home from his garden the skys let loose.  then a couple of more times in the course of the evening.  the potted plants and the rest of the garden should be thoroughly watered.

apply coffee

it rained good.  unless you count the soggy pollen.  followed by a period of couch potato and darkness.  and the garden is looking bloomy and bloomier.  that would be the opposite of gloomy.  two flowers from yesterday’s rain garden…


we needed it.  it rained over night and until about noon.  a good rain that had time to soak into the ground.  that was the good news.  the bad news that accompanies that rain… wet pollen.  there was no pollen dabbing today.  this is a cross of Thais and Cameroons.  rich and contrasting shades of purple.  four images…

11-026 Thais x Cameroons IMG_2546 macro 2 11-026 Thais x Cameroons IMG_2546 macro 1 11-026 Thais x Cameroons IMG_2546 det

11-026 Thais x Cameroons

11-026 Thais x Cameroons

there goes the rain

it was seriously grey overcast this morning.  the weather said zero chance of rain.  i guess they meant later.  as i drove off to work it started to mist and then drizzle.  it may have just followed me to work and left the garden alone.  this afternoon the clouds were replaced by blue skies.  and it did not seem to have hurt the flowers.  though the moisture may have done in the pollen.  maybe.  it does not hurt to try a few crosses.  perhaps it did stay dry.  and the garden looked great this afternoon.  the flowers were not faded by the rain.

prague spring x fol de rol macro prague spring x fol de rol det  all but one of these close up flower images are seedlings.  and the garden was a very good place to be tonight..   when it finally got dark i came back into the house with a seriously better attitude.

yard after drizzle IMG_1351 12-0623-002 Highland Pinched Fingers x Colberg Preview ) x Websters Pink Wonder det12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein det Prague Spring x Gift Tie det boba x ms x ss det flying trapeze det

12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret det thais x cameroons detb110 kid det seedling purple detmort kid det grey purple seedlingwalking the pattern x aphophis walking the pattern x aphophis white sib QQQ  the red and white flowers above just might be siblings from the very same cross.  after looking at the flowers tonight the answer is what rain ??????  and many of these flowers are late season bloom.  they have only just started to bloom.

  spider det purple satellite kid


early this morning we had some awesome thunder boomers.  and a lot of rain.  the reflecting pool behind the bill’s garage attests to this.  so many flowers looked like they were ridden hard and put away wet.  bruised and faded too.  depending on when they opened – before or after the thunder boomers – and how water resistant the petals are some looked wet, some looked tattered and faded and some looked somewhere in between.  and some of the late openers yawned and asked the other guys what happened ?  two images, Lullaby of Birdland

lullaby of birdland macro rain lullaby of birdland det rain

it rained this morning

and it is raining again now.  so the hosta looked like this…  bejeweled with water.

hosta leaf n water IMG_7821

and Isolde looked like this.  it is a poly.  extra petals.  four petals instead of three, and three sepals.  and to match the pattern there are 7 stamens, one for each petal and sepal.  if you look carefully there are two stamen next to the pistil.

isolde det odd poly macro IMG_7815 isolde det odd poly IMG_7815


i do believe the tide has turned.