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late, cold, and red

it is late.  too late.   it is very cold.  frosty even.  and tonight’s flower is red.  sometimes it is best to make the sharing and cease activity while one is clearly ahead.  so it is tonight.  best wishes to all.  three images…

12-071 Black Plush x Fol De Rol


and skinny.  this is a second year seedling.  it is spidery and has an orange throat.  it is on a nice tall flower scape about 36 inches 91 cm tall.  three images…

wtp x apophis IMG_0277 macro wtp x apophis IMG_0277 det wtp x apophis IMG_0277 grdn

red and green

some would say those are christmas colors.  of course it is now nearly exchange day.  when folks go back for another round of too much shopping.  so are those colors of red and green really christmas colors ?  only if we want them to be.  they are still a flower for you.  no matter if you  go back for more shopping or not.  enjoy the season.  three images…

12-000 red IMG_1488 macro_2 12-000 red IMG_1488 macro 12-000 red IMG_1488 det


10 reasons:

  • it is dark tonight and flowers release light
  • it is cold today and flowers carry the memory of warm
  • nature does not need crayons, water, or a brush for its canvas
  • flowers transport us into the garden
  • today red does not mean stop
  • for a moment the petal is a splash
  • or is it a surge ?
  • do not take it apart, put the flower back together
  • it cannot be taken apart
  • it is

6 perspectives…

prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 grdn

prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_1 prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_2 prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_3 prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_5prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_4

beauty for a day

from the Greek Hemerocallis.  and just for a day.  then the flower fades into a dripping mess and quickly dries to a wisp.  moving yesterday’s flower left the ‘ink’ you see on my hand.  and there is little question to the size of this little beauty.  a cross of Nutmeg Elf x (Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard.  a strange combination that seems to have worked out just fine.  once it is moved from the relative shade of the seedling bed it too will play just fine in the sun.  three images…

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard  grdn IMG_4967

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard det Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard macro


red is the color

the color of a seedling.  a tall seedling.  one that stands over most of it neighbors.  red and decently branched.  diploid.  now all it needs is a decent landing spot after the spring garden shuffle.   because right now it sits in the bed that is going to be disassembled and reassembled.  motion is usually a good thing.  if it does not get out of control.  slow and steady and a little bit of planning.  three images…

red dip clump IMG_1765 red dip det IMG_1765

red dip det 001 red dip macro 001


a red seedling

and the need for better labels.  this bloomed here this summer.  it is from seedlings planted in 2011.  and the rest of the information is buried in the foliage somewhere.  now if push comes to shove we can make do with out that information.  later we will find out if push and shove dropped the info in the cracks forever to be permanently safe.  so much for the verbal and printed details.  how about something visual ?  a red flower.  with a different color edge.  and a darker midrib.  and petals stretching out quite nicely into an open star.  and sepals that pinch.  two images

red 11-xxx seedling det red 11-xxx seedling



too long a day.  nah – discard on that.  too orange, not likely.  too common – says who ?  too spent a flower ?   too much out of the ditch and along the fence ?  too red an eye ?  too close for comfort – really.  too many excuses – double nah.  or perhaps not creative enough ?  too vein ?  could there be more red veins in this ?  or just too much delay before the picture ?   … or pictures, 4.  too beautiful.  oh and it was just long enough a day in the northern hemisphere.  the longest day of the season.  happy solstice.  too!

orange ditch lily spent IMG_8158 orange ditch lily fence line orange ditchlily det orange ditchlily macro



rose bud

the winter beat most of the roses right down to the ground.  still they are not about to give up.  they are sprouting.  new growth is coming up from the base of the plants that survived.  there is something neat about the fresh red growth of roses.  the flower is forming already.

rose bud macro new growth rose