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a very quick visit

part of the wonder of the garden is the unexpected glimpse of nature.  the neighbor’s mimosa tree did not fare well this past winter.  that means that the larkspur, phlox, and other flowers get to fill in as food for the hummer.  imagine the sound of a really heavy duty bee buzzing by.  that would be the surprise visits, fast visits of the hummer.  they don’t move slow so i was really happy to get any kind of picture.  after the hummer there is a daylily.  green zippy jewels come first.

hummer det

now for the flower.  River Hills is one of those rare daylilies that does not fade in the sun.  i just have the morning picture.  i will have to get an evening or mid day picture where the grey-purple pigment has darkened to match the rest of the flower.  River Hills – it adds its own kind of zip to the garden.  two images

river hills det river hills macro