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the flower-ring

another seedling.  each a little different and each a little the same.  do the petals of this one form a ring ?   two images…

sdlg km rbg14-022 macro sdlg km rbg14-022 det

big eyes

this seedling has a condition.  it has been hybridized to have really big eyes.  so the outer edge of the eye is very close to the tip of the petal.  and those small rounded yellow tips are all that is left of the petal color.  the eyezone blinked or swallowed or however you wish to describe the process where the petal color became the victim of the eyezone that ate Tokyo….oops, ate the rest of the flower.   humorous outburst, okay semi humorous stifled…   anyway at the risk of being puny it does give the flower a different look.  one that i rather enjoy.  enough patter time to relinquish time to the flower.  two images…  and yes there are ruffles and toothy little things going on at the tips of the petals.

sdlg km rbg14-021 macro sdlg km rbg14-021 det

similar ?

when i first started looking at this seedling it looked very much like the seedling from last night.  then i decided to do a side by side comparison.  it was the next plant in the row.  it looks very similar.  though side by side it is only similar enough to be a sibling.   to my eye there are plenty of subtle differences.  make your own judgement.  two images…

sdlg km rbg14-020 and 14-019 sbs sibs

sdlg km rbg14-020 det


when i look at a flower my reaction whether it is favorable, in between, or not so favorable it still comes down to the elements of the flower and how they come together.  so what do we have ?   We have lots of color.   the colors are not contrasting they are similar hues.  the petals a fairly symmetrical.  and they have something of a cupped shape that reminds me of sea shell cosmos flowers.  also they have a large purple eye zone.  the sepals are evenly spaced between the petals.  so overall the flower has a clear open star shape.  the tips of the sepals have some distortion.   everyone can do there own scoring on the elements and the whole flower.  then there is the other question.  is the flower a finished product or are some of it’s elements planned for the next generation ?  more than anything gardening can be a journey.  two images and no judgement.  this one is not mine to judge…

sdlg km rbg14-019 macro sdlg km rbg14-019 det


this flower may go one step past yesterday’s flower.  no photoshop was involved.  still if someone said the petals came from one flower and the sepals came from another well in fairness we would have to give them the benefit of doubt.  they would however be quite wrong.  this is just one flower, one with a bounty of contrast.  two images from that other garden…

sdlg km rbg14-016 macro sdlg km rbg14-016 det

the wand selects the wizardess…

this is from the garden of a young lady who among other things hybridizes patterned daylilies.  please remain seated until the garden comes to a full and complete stop.   we hope you have enjoyed your ride today at Riverbend Gardens…

sdlg km rbg pattern 14-001 grdn

sdlg km rbg pattern 14-001 det sdlg km rbg pattern 14-001 macro