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and rain drops and patterns, oh my.  three daylilies at Riverbend.  rain drops on the petals.  each daylily a little different.  and each one a pattern in the eyezone.  four images…  oh and the rain gradually and finally stopped.  oh yea !

rbg_9755 purple pattern det rbg_9755 purple pattern macro

rbg_9757 purple pattern_2 det rbg_9758 orchid pattern det

cross over

this flower comes from the midpoint of the garden.  going from the diploid seedlings of one hybridizer to the tetraploid seedlings of another.  and tonight’s flower is a toothy tetraploid.  otherwise it is mostly anonymous.   no name, no number, no label at least not in my notes or pictures of the visit.  so here is something toothy and tetraploid.  two images…

rbg14-024 macro rbg14-024 det

next flower

while i might have skipped some flowers as i walked down the rows of Riverbend Garden it was walking the rows.  and this is the next flower.  the eye is a light shade of grey and the edges of the petals are lavender and the center of the petal is a darker shade of purple.  the sepals are a base of cream with traces of the color in the petals.  the overall flower shape is an open star.  a pastel star.  two images…

sdlg km rbg14-012 det sdlg km rbg14-012 macro

smaller ruffles

is that too many words ?  same garden halfway across the state.  two images…

sdlg km rbg14-011 purple wth purple eye macro sdlg km rbg14-011 purple wth purple eye det


daylilies run in many different forms.  this one is round and ruffled.  and it carries a purple eyezone.  i think it is time to let the daylily talk.  two images.   and yes it is from a different garden one from half way across the state.

sdlg km rbg14-010 purple eye round det sdlg km rbg14-010 purple eye round macro

after another

one foot after another walks the garden.  one flower after another blooms in the garden.  we are still in the same garden.  half way across the state.   with beauties that i might not be able to claim yet certainly we all can enjoy.  three images…

sdlg km rbg14-009 crm purple eye grdn IMG_2472

sdlg km rbg14-009 crm purple eye det IMG_2472 sdlg km rbg14-009 crm purple eye macro IMG_2472

a flower by Sandy

i would like to thank Sandy and Mike Holmes for a very lovely visit to their gardens the other day.  this is one of Sandy’s flowers.  i believe this one goes into the category of surprise.  Sandy is a very knowledgeable hybridizer.  her goal is usually to create tetraploid spidery and unusual form flowers.  to put it in simpler words skinny twisty beauties.  strange patterns and eye zones do not usually go hand in hand with that goal.  at least it was not showing in the genetics of that cross.  If you want to see more of her work please click on this link.  for the moment please enjoy this flower.  i certainly do.  two images.  enyoy !

river bend unidentified seedling tet sandy h macro river bend unidentified seedling tet sandy h