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jelly bean jar

who needs a jelly bean jar when you have a garden full of flowers ?  instead of asking how many beans in the jar one can ask how many flowers are in the garden ?  and then you can wander the garden looking for the most enchanting flowers.  the garden is Riverbend gardens near dayton ohio.  i think there are just enough flowers for an afternoon of wandering.  and something delightful in pink that was among those that caught my eye.  four images…

intro out of Elizabeth in Pink


directions included

finally someone remembered to pack the instructions !  use this pollen on those plants.  or take me to your garden.  or that is a petal.  or there are more flowers here.  say something nice or i will do a scarecrow to you ( wizard of oz ) “what happened to you ?  …flying monkeys…  parts of me are over here, parts of me are over there !”  … but don’t worry, its okay as long as i am still in the garden….  ( that was in the extended version – the one that is still playing in my head ).  so is there a flower with all of this stuff ?   yes there is, first one more – pay no attention to those arrows or the little dog barking at the man behind the curtain…

three images…. ( please disregard the other images verbally portrayed )

rbg sh001 macro 2 pattern rbg sh001 macro pattern rbg sh001 det pattern

oh one last direction… that is a hand.

bloom something

clever, pretty, different, just a little less than similar, something that re-arranges the common.  just bloom something and look for the edge of  normal.  three steps past normal and some might find it too difficult to follow.  this is the next flower in that row in a different garden.  then again next is sometimes hard to figure out.  so bloom something and take the time to figure it out.  two images…

sdlg km rbg14-023 macro sdlg km rbg14-023 det


fleeting with light ?  or light fleeting with darkness ?  which one holds sway in the contest for this flower ?  or do they co-exist ?  yellow and the inkiest dark purple.  can beauty reside in this conflict ?  two images…  still in that other garden.  and happily so.

sdlg km rbg14-015 macro sdlg km rbg14-015 det


this is an example of a flower with a fairly big eyezone.   any farther towards the tip of the petal and strange things would start to appear.  and on that note it is late and cinderfella has missed the pumpkin, misplaced the rodent horse, and is generally in that place where strange things might start to appear.  like a whole passle of that zeddy last letter of the alphabet…  in the words of a profound genteel person – gotta go !  two images…

and yes still in that other garden !

sdlg km rbg14-014 det sdlg km rbg14-014 macro

type ?

where did that picture go ?  it is here.  if someone could type it would be a lot easier to find the name and the picture.  fat fingers don’t help much in the garden either.  still we don’t go into the garden to worry about fat fingers.  we go for the flowers.  and to forget the little problems of the world.   picture found.  fingers pardoned to type and plant again.  two images from that garden halfway across the state.  and memories revived from a warm summer day, on a colder spring day with a bit of snow…   we might even pardon the flakes…

sdlg km rbg peach spdr red chevron rbg12-006 det sdlg km rbg peach spdr red chevron rbg12-006 macro