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good days

bad days.  some daylilies have good days.  some daylilies have bad days.  some have many bad days.  like not all the petals are open so neat.  and it is just as important to see the potential even when there are bad days.  all of these daylilies have good potential.  some have good realization.  any day one can see the potential during bad realization is a great day.  even on the days when the orange ditch lilies are invading under the fence with all of their potential.  seven images…

its late. share now

Emerald Eye, Rose F Kennedy, and Hood College.  tonight’s collection of images.  three images…

a rose of a different color

this rose has no thorns.  and i will withhold any other predictions.  i have not been following roses with thorns of late.  this flower is a daylily called Rose F. Kennedy.  three images…

rose-f-kennedy-img_1983-macro rose-f-kennedy-img_1983-det rose-f-kennedy-img_1982-grdn

it is a flower

okay so we have found a flower.  it is also a bit of a mystery.   this flower came from some seed i bought.  why buy seed when i have a yard full of flowers ?   the simple answer is a new mix of genetics.  it is a fairly quick and relatively inexpensive way to bring those new genetics to the garden.  yes it took two years for the new flower to bloom.  and yes i did not know a lot about the background of both parents.  the seed was a cross of two purple flowers,  Random Control x Rose F Kennedy.   so was i expecting a nearly white seedling ?  not really.  though other purple on purple crosses here have gone to white.  so it is not a total shock.  there was hope that the big green throat of Rose F Kennedy would be passed on to the next generation.  there is still hope that the branching and bud count of Random Control will be passed on too.   then again maybe i should just re-read the name of that second parent slowly.  very slowly. and let it sink in.  random control… could there be some irony there ?  messing with genetics one needs to get used to that.  and sometimes riding out the surprise is well worth the trip.  even if it takes you to somewhere with totally different post cards.  two images of the seedling and the links above will take you to images of the parents.  how far can you go in your backyard ?  right now i don’t know and if and when i get there well i think a post card will be in order…

random control x rose f kennedy  macro random control x rose f kennedy  det



green eyes

this flower has a large green eye.  and the flower itself is large.  it is listed at 7.5 inches ( 19 cm) though here it seems to be blooming a bit larger.  though that could be from a bit of extra rainfall here.  Rose F. Kennedy is a flower that is not easily missed no matter what the size of the bloom.

rose f kennedy macro rose f kennedy det