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it poured last night. several times it poured. the day started out with a bit of sun. then it turned grey for a while. and then it decided to be sunny. i even moved a few plants. it was a bit like moving mud pies. still they did move. some of those moves were for plants that were not dealing well with being crowded. with a little luck they will bounce right back. there are annuals waiting to get planted. the parade is moving from one plant to another. different color iris are coming into bloom. the scrub dogwood is blooming and the syrphrid flies are hovering over the flowers. the ferns that were little fiddleheads are now big flowing ferns. roses are getting ready to say ‘my turn !’


someone dripped a little paint on an even littler petunia.  or something approximately close to that.  better add some other flowers.  some of them are even daylilies.  whew – that was perilously close to a major oops, or screw up even.  i guess i will have to make a note to speak to the garden color consultant and weeding minions.  in the alternate time lets get to the images… seven possibly eight if it is not too cold to count…   debating point – is it the editor or the writer whom is on vacation ?

rose bud

the winter beat most of the roses right down to the ground.  still they are not about to give up.  they are sprouting.  new growth is coming up from the base of the plants that survived.  there is something neat about the fresh red growth of roses.  the flower is forming already.

rose bud macro new growth rose

orange you wondering about that rose?

This is one of the other roses that just started blooming here.  It is next to a well established and older pink climbing rose.  So far this one has struggled along.  Not giving up and not growing by leaps and bounds either.  And for now that is good enough.


Orichid, Rose, Daylily, Dandelion

Ask and expert what flower claims the most attention.

Poets will give you the rose.

Popular attraction will draw examples like the orchid.

I find the daylily most attractive.

And if you ask the young and uncomplicated the dandelion captures the imagination.

And there lies the key.  No matter the variety of flower, when we realize the miracle we are holding the imagination is set free. So the next time you have a chance –

Start and smell the roses
enjoy the many forms of the orchid,
set free the seed of the dandelion,
and briefly hold the moment of the daylily.

Not waiting, Not panicking, it is time for more planting !

This is a no waiting, no panicking garden.   You can text if you want to.  Just don’t get any of that texting radiation on the flowers please.    The iris are blooming, and the lupine are making spikes.  The columbine have their spurs on display.    Yarrows are opening up their flat purple blooms.   And the climbing rose has decided it is a good day to bloom.  A very good day to bloom.Joseph's Coat climbing rose

Stella’s Ruffled Fingers is sending up a bloom scape, though the bloom is a week or two away.  She is not to be out done by her seedlings.   All four of the seedlings have flower scapes growing in the sun.   The bloom will come when it is time.bloom scape

Yet this is not a time of waiting.  There is plenty to do.  Two old seedling beds need to be cleared out.  They need to be prepared for seed planting.   And the final seed sorting needs to be made.   The choices need to be planted.  And the rows labeled.    When that is all done and even a few annuals are planted, then, perhaps then Stella, her of the Ruffled Fingers  and her clan will be ready to take center stage.columbine spurs