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find a facet

look at the pictures.  look at the flowers.  picture found.  find some words ?  the daylilies can pretty much talk for themselves.  if.  if one takes the time and really looks.  if it is something more than ‘yup that is a daylily – gotta run…’   the key word in stop and smell the roses is ‘stop’.  stop the day in day out mad rush.  stop and experience nature.  stop rushing.  put nature, put observation, put beauty, put quiet, put something you can hold onto back into your life.  so find a facet of this flower.  today’s flower is Felyta.  A lavender star shaped flower.  a flower with a bit of an unusual facet.  between the yellow throat and the lavender petal is a cloudy foggy band.  a band with a hint of color.  a band of uniform width.  does it unite or does it divide ?  two images.

feleyta macro feleyta det