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another shade of lavender

only a few steps to this one.  and a big yellow applique eye.  dare i say another favorite ? three images…

12-097-10-043-little-rainbow-x-cerulean-star-x-sally-sue-img_1872-macro 12-097-10-043-little-rainbow-x-cerulean-star-x-sally-sue-img_1872-det

12-097 (10-043 Little rainbow x Cerulean Star ) x Sally Sue

12-097 (10-043 Little rainbow x Cerulean Star ) x Sally Sue

There are scapes in them thar gardens…

Finally !   There are scapes on the daylilies.  I saw a few here and there the other day.   And now they are starting to show up on lots of plants.  ( Insert boisterous gardener’s exclamation of uncontrolled mirth and excitement here ) …. _________ !

All of the arrived new arrivals have been planted.  Including Lemon Pixie which the postal service placed on the porch this afternoon.  Lemon Pixie cooled its jets in the shade this afternoon and was planted right before dinner.   It even came safely with its own gently packaged scape, Thanks Sandy!

There are still a few spots waiting for plants still in transit.   And the expanded garden is looking pretty full.  Too bad about the ever shrinking lawn.  Then again I would rather enjoy the garden any day and spend less and lest time cutting the lawn.  Lawn grass could end up an endangered species around here.

Garden with new daylilies

There are scapes on Kate Carpenter, Orchid Lady Slipper, Stella’s Ruffled Fingers, Schnickel Fritz, and several second and third year seedlings.  The real exciting stuff (to me at least ) is the first year seedlings.  There are a few of those that are ready to bloom too.  Walking the seedling bed is like having Christmas all summer long.

One is a cross of Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and a seedling ( Little Rainbow x Talon ).   If nothing else it likes being early like it’s parent Stella.  Now if it will just at a bit of the ruffle from Stella and some of the twist and pinch from Talon… well there will be dancing in the garden path.

Daylily, diploid

First year seedling - Stella's Ruffled Fingers x (Little Rainbow x Talon)