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playing in the sunshine

flowers are creatures of the sunlight.  and this flower knows just what to do in the sunlight.  Scandinavia a tall flower at 54 in, 137cm and with an 8.5 in 21.5cm bloom.  it reaches for the light, it catches the light, and plays with it.  three images…

scandinavia det backlit

scandinavia macro scandinavia det


light on white

or cream, or yellow.  this is Scandinavia.  the light of the sun does not always go well with photography.  sometimes the glare hides as much as the light reveals.  some days we perceive as much as we can and that just has to do.  and a little is a lot.  three images


scandinavia_2 scandinavia_3


not avoiding the new seedling bed

I will get a picture of the new seedling bed.  It may even still look like it has been freshly weeded (two days ago now).  The rain storms have greatly improved the chaos level here.  And of course the new reflecting basin has been a distraction too.

reflecting pool

Yes we have had a bit of rain.  About four inches in the last day.  The weatherperson is claiming several days of sun are coming.  We will need it to dry out a bit.  And while we do some of that drying new plants will come into bloom.   One of those is Scandinavia.  A tall white daylily.  Sorry no reflecting pool available for this shot !

scandinavia det